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Star “News” Blackout on NC Veterans Initiative

On Thursday, April 17th in Raleigh, Governor Pat McCrory announced an initiative to provide in-state tuition to veterans living in North Carolina, regardless of their state of residence. This is big news for North Carolina’s huge military and veteran populations. Yet the Star News doesn’t seem to think it worth covering.

The initiative was announced at the NC Women Veterans Summit & Expo, the first event of its kind for the state, yet this too has been markedly absent from the Star News’ pages. The tuition program, which is being proposed in the FY15 budget, will help young service members to further their education at a significantly reduced cost. This in turn enhances their employment prospects and encourages them to stay and join the work force or start a business in our beautiful state. Why would the editors at the Star “News” go out of their way to ignore such a huge tuition program announcement and keep this very newsworthy story from their readers? The silence is deafening, and it is a slap in the face to NC’s veterans.

I was there. Yes, in Iraq, but also at an event that just about every media outlet in the state deemed newsworthy, except ours.




Unnecessary Death: NC Veterans Killed by Illegal Aliens

Earlier this month the Examiner published an article: More than 100 North Carolinians have been killed by illegal aliens.  As Obama rekindles a fresh push for Amnesty and as Veterans’ Day approaches, I would like to highlight the stories of veterans killed by illegal aliens.  Because our government refuses to enforce current immigration law and refuses to protect and seal our borders, these individuals who served their country with honor were killed by criminals who never should have been in the country.  The Amnesty pushers are telling you these criminals just came here for a better life.  Were these murders just good, hard-working folks like you and me?  Hardly.

It is a tragedy when anyone becomes the victim of violent crime.  It is all the more shameful when the criminal is an illegal alien flying under the radar and given cover by the government.  These American veterans who were killed volunteered to protect the rest of us from all enemies foreign and domestic.  They signed a blank check valued up to and including their lives to keep that oath, but they were not killed in the line of duty on the battlefield.  They were shamefully murdered in the streets of North Carolina.

Image courtesy of NCFIRE.info

Image courtesy of NCFIRE.info

Mike Stowe enlisted in the Air Force after high school and served for seven years.  After his service, he and his wife Stacy moved to Cary, NC.  In 2004, with Stacy pregnant with their second child, Mike was killed in a hit-and-run car accident by an illegal alien, Chikele Gideon, who was already known to immigration officials.  Gideon had been arrested in 2002 for overstaying his visa, and in 2003 was ordered to leave the country by a judge in Atlanta, but didn’t comply.

Harold Mills was an accountant for 24 years after serving with honor in the Navy.  He was a devout member of his church, and the 75-year-old was riding his bicycle when he was killed in a hit-and-run by an illegal alien who was speeding and fled the scene.

Calvin Raines was a veteran of Korea who served six years in the Army.  A huge NASCAR fan, he was known as a patriot through-and-through, and was loved by everyone who knew him.  He was killed in a head-on collision when illegal alien Manuel Andres-Bomaye, who was driving with two others, crossed the center line, killing everyone involved.

Craig Morris was a retired veteran who had served nearly thirty years in the Marine Corps, including a tour in the Gulf War and two tours in Iraq.  He had a wife and four children and trained soldiers in Special Operations.  He was fatally shot by illegal alien Francisco Echeverria after trying to stop a fight.  His murderer followed him in a car and gunned him down in the street.

Unnecessary deaths.  Devastated families.

“There is a double-layer of grief for these families,” says Maureen Wilson, the state director of North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE).  “The first is the actual death and loss of a family member. The second is the failure of the U.S. government to secure our own borders, a mismanaged immigration program, and general leniency after initial crimes have been committed by those in the country illegally, all while these citizens were serving their country.”

None of these veterans had to die this way.  These crimes were not simply caused by the individual acts, they were facilitated by politicians unconcerned with their primary duties: law enforcement and citizen safety.  Had the government simply enforced the current immigration and deportation laws, these killers would not have been present in North Carolina to commit these crimes.  Had NC politicians not provided the welcome mat of drivers licenses to illegals, most would not have been on the road.  Hundreds of crimes at the hands of illegal immigrants are committed monthly in North Carolina alone.  They taking jobs from citizens, they are driving drunk, committing manslaughter and murder, and as one recent article horrifically points out, they are raping their way through North Carolina’s children.

Enforcing our laws protects everyone – citizens and non-citizens alike.  The lives of these veterans matter, as do the lives of every victim hurt by illegals.  Yet Amnesty-hungry politicians studiously ignore the victims of these crimes.  For the Democrats, the votes they will get once Amnesty is passed are more important than the suffering of innocent civilians at the hands of illegal alien criminals.  For cheap-labor-loving Republicans, the money they save not paying Americans an honest wage is more important.  Politicians on both sides of the isle need to be held to account.  They, too, took the oath to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  In pushing for Amnesty and a path to citizenship, they are not only shirking their oath of office and their duty, they are needlessly putting citizens at risk.



NC Patriots Gather to Celebrate the Constitution

crowdOn September 17th, 1787, our Founding Fathers gathered at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and signed our most sacred document next to the Declaration of Independence, our United States Constitution.  In celebration of the 226th anniversary, North Carolinians from all over the state gathered at Jemeokee Park in Pinnacle, NC for the 3rd annual North Carolina Constitution Day TEA Party Rally.  Hundreds gathered throughout the day to hear speakers who reaffirmed our Founding principles and our Constitutional rights.  Many spoke of the urgency for action as these rights are continually eroded by our current administration, from the impending implementation of Obamacare, to Common Core in our schools, to our continuing struggle to maintain our second amendment rights, and much more.

The family-friendly event, planned by Kevin Shinault, and Stephen Bennett, was emceed by Bill Flynn, author and Truth Broadcasting Radio Host of The Eagle AM980, and U.S. Army vet and NC conservative icon Major Dave.  Featured speakers included NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest, Jan Morgan, award winning journalist, nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker, firearms instructor and founder of Armed American Woman; and former US Navy SEAL Ben Smith.  Many others also spoke including U.S. Senate candidates Dr. Greg Brannon, Mark Harris, and Heather Grant, Blogtalk radio personalities, local Tea Party leaders and activists including the creator of the 2 Million Bikers to DC, Belinda Bee, and even an actor playing George Washington.  I was excited to be able to say a few words on being a political animal.  See the full speaker list at the end of this article.  There were vendors, raffles, food and music, and the weather could hardly have been more pristine.

One attendee, Irene, said, “Today, I am invigorated!  I get so much energy from being around this wonderful group of people. We love our country, and recognize that the Constitution is the key, liberty and freedom are second only to God and the free market is the most powerful force in lifting people out of economic despair.”

Constitutionalists and Tea Party activists across the nation continue in the struggle to maintain our liberties and freedom in America.  Like-minded individuals band together at gatherings like these to show unity, to network and to help each other to take action in the defense of liberty.  Despite targeting by the IRS, spying by the NSA, and constant demonizing from their opponents, events like the NC Constitution Day Rally show that the Tea Party movement is far from over.  More TEA please!

DSC_0013DSC_0055 DSC_0049 DSC_0068DSC_0062 DSC_0066 Jan Morgan DSC_0086 DSC_0079 DSC_0044DSC_0038 Dan Forest DSC_0031 DSC_0096DSC_0024

NC Constitution Day TEA Party Rally Speakers:

Stephen Bennett: Stand Up NC; Constitutional Minutemen of NC

Wild Bill for America / Act 1

Nicole Revels: Carolina Liberty PAC

Bill Looman: Constitutionalist icon from GA

Robert Brawley: State Rep District 95, Faith & Freedom Coalition legislator liaison

Michele Nix: Chairwoman Lenoir GOP

Janet Spainhour:  Randolph Tea

Scott Cumbie: Forsyth GOP Chairman

James Manship:  Washington Reenactor from VA

Joyce Kraweic:  NC GOP Vice Chair

Jaison Sheppard: Viral Overpass YouTube

Tami Fitzgerald:  NC Values

Sheriff Sam Page: Rockingham County

Karen Kozel: Eastern Tea

Mike Marshall: Stokes Militia

Gadi Adelman: America Akbar Radio

Melissa Ann Fleming:  Stokes Activist

Oddy Crist: Raising American Political Awareness

Jamie Crook: Youth Tea Surry

John Bare: Rowan County Tea

Greg Brannon: US Senate candidate

Sherriff Mike Marshall: Stokes County

Major Dave

Dennis Petersen: Charlotte City Council Candidate

Mark Harris: US Senate candidate

Earl Phillip: NC State Director of RNC

Barbara Mulligan Buffing: Women Patriots Radio

Tucker Thomas Durgin: Conservative Youth Outreach

Dee Parks: Moore Tea

Bret McGraw: Jomeokee flyer graphics artist

Heather Grant: US Senate Candidate

Ben Smith:  Former Navy Seal

Jude Eden: writer at PoliticalAnimalBlog.com conservative activist from Wilmington

Sean McGowan: Cabarrus GOP Chairman

Vallee Bubak: Public Relations consultant, Conservative Activist Mecklenburg Co

Rep Brian Holloway: Rep of District 91

Candi Goldman: Ponytail Patriot Radio from GA

Tommy Harrington: Will of the People Rockingham

Dot Booth Bush: Rockingham Tea

Ron Long: WeThe People, Concord

Pudgy Miller: KIRP Radio

Sharon Hudson: North Mecklenburg R. Women

Bill Flynn: The Vanishing 4th Amendment

Dan Forest: NC Lt Governor

Jan Morgan: Keynote











NC Constituents Lose Confidence in Senator Burr

From guest writer Ginny Quaglia

Wilmington, NC – A group of concerned  Cape Fear area residents met with staffers at Senator Richard Burr’s Wilmington office  on Monday, Sept. 23. The constituents put Senator Burr on notice that they have been closely watching his votes and plan to continue holding him accountable for not upholding the conservative principles he ran on.

Some recent votes they cited that were contrary to conservative principles and many in lock-step with Senator Hagan (D) , were his votes on the Farm Bill, Internet Sales Tax bill, food safety bill, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and his cloture vote on the gun legislation.

“I take Senator’s Burr’s actions personally”, stated Wilmington resident Lois  Dixon, “I personally walked neighborhoods and knocked on doors for Mr. Burr and he has misrepresented himself to the voters who worked hard to get him elected.”

Most troubling to those in attendance was Mr. Burr’s position on defunding ObamaCare through the Continuing Resolution. Senator Burr has been quoted as saying, “I think it’s the dumbest idea I ever heard.”

Southport resident Mary Ann McCarthy commented, “We think it’s ‘dumb’ that, as fellow Republicans, we are continually betrayed by Senator Burr’s votes. So–  we give him a vote of no confidence.”

Ginny Quaglia-HS wideGinny Quaglia is a conservative activist and public speaker.  Quaglia was awarded the Brunswick Beacon 1st amendment award in 2012 and named activist of the month by Heritage Action in May of 2012.  She resides in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

NC7 DEFUND Obamacare Town Hall Packs The House

ObamacareTownHallNC7“Do we have more chairs?”  By ten to six Tuesday night at the New Hanover County Library, the Live Oak Room was already packed wall to wall.  Concerned citizens from several counties and both sides of the isle gathered to learn more about the negative impacts of Obamacare and the proposition to defund it that is being advocated in town halls across the country while Congress in on its summer break.

Lead by local conservative activists Jude Eden, Ginny Quaglia and Mary Ann McCarthy, the two-hour program consisted of seven speakers followed by Q&A.  Empty chairs were labeled for Mike McIntyre, Richard Burr, and Kay Hagan who were each invited but declined.  All have stated they are not holding any town halls while on recess.


“We can fund the government and we can fight funding Obamacare.  Don’t fall for the false choice,” said co-creator Mary Ann McCarthy.  “We’re here tonight to help you understand how crucial it is to defund this huge train wreck.”

Cardiologist, author, and radio talk show host Dr. Tony Maglione said Obamacare would hit the elder population first and hardest. “There are 7 million baby-boomers coming into the market of Medicare every year.  They’re going to have the IPAB, fifteen bureaucrats making decisions, which is going to try to control costs.  How are they going to do it?  They [seniors] are going to end up not having certain procedures, not paying for certain treatments, and that means you’re going to get delays and you’re going to suffer more, and some will die.”

Pattie Curran‘s testimony drew gasps from the audience as she gave example after example of how her family’s costs have skyrocketed, making it nearly impossible to provide her children, who suffer from serious chronic diseases, with the care they need.  OB/GYN and U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Greg Brannon focused on the statutes of Obamacare that violate the powers enumerated in the Constitution and infringe on our individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  “It prohibits discrimination of assisted suicide.  That’s attacking life.  Liberty?  With the individual mandate, where’s your right to say no?  Pursuit of happiness? Section 9001 is the list of all the taxes.”

Combat veteran and NC3 candidate Jason Thigpen reminded us of what veterans have to go through NOW under the government-run healthcare system that is the VA.  Picture the atrocious VA backlog, waiting 18 months on average for a claim, across the whole nation’s health care.  Francis De Luca, president of the NC Civitas Institute, explained the process of the continuing resolution, to which Ted Cruz’s defund bill must be attached, and explained the process by which we can ensure the government is funded without funding Obamacare.  He explained, “The government runs out of money at the end of September, so in order to continue funding you have to pass a continuing resolution which states which states how much government can continue spending without a budget.  All you do in the continuing resolution is say no money can be allocated to implement Obamacare or to write regulations.  Very simple.  So when people say you can’t do it, yes you can. Now, do you have the political courage?”

NCGOP chair Claude Pope talked about the negative impacts on small business such as reduced hours, layoffs, and more, as well as the NCGOP’s Resolution to Defund.  The Resolution recently passed unanimously in Boston.  He also spent some time advocating for Republican  majorities if constituents want to see the change they’re asking for.  This didn’t sit well with conservative talk show host Curtis Wright, who was in the audience and said, “The Republicans telling us that they have these rules we have to play with doesn’t cut it, because when these folks have to carry that burden and push that elephant up the hill, over the hill and over the line, they don’t’ forget that.  2014 and 2016 can’t be about a senator telling us, ‘Well, you don’t understand.’  In particular my frustration is with people like Renee Ellmers who told me over and over again, like many Republicans have, ‘This is what I will do.’ And then when they get there, they don’t do it.  We have to have more than just political speech.”

Many Republicans say they will fight for principle when they have the majority.  This is backwards.  If they fight for conservative principles, they will earn the majority.  With an overwhelming majority of the country opposing Obamacare, Republicans should be persuading those Democrats who also oppose it, including its author, Senator Max Baucus) to help vote to Defund what they themselves have called a train-wreck and a disaster.

Attendees left the meeting armed with facts on Obamacare and the defunding process, and empowered to contact their representatives.  “Each of us is sovereign, every single one of us, our vote and our voice,” said emcee Jude Eden. “Whatever is going on in our country is our responsibility.  It’s our responsibility to speak up when something’s wrong, it’s our responsibility to hold our representatives accountable.”  Hundreds of self-addressed postcards to Senator Hagan, Senator Burr & Congressman McIntyre were snatched up in no time and everyone wanted to contact their representatives to urge them to do more than simply say they’re against Obamacare.  Constituents want the representatives to SIGN the Meadows and Lee letters to GOP leadership to DEFUND through CR and to co-sponsor the Cruz/Graves Defund Bill.

The Wilmington Town Hall was one of many happening around the country aimed at defunding Obamacare.


Ginny Quaglia, Jude Eden, Mary Ann McCarthy

Ginny Quaglia, Jude Eden, Mary Ann McCarthy

Ginny Quaglia, Jude Eden, Mary Ann McCarthy

NC7 Grassroots To Hold Obamacare Town Hall August 27

For citizens concerned with the direction of our political policies, the August Congressional recess is a great opportunity to talk to representatives at home.  But what do you do when your representatives refuse to speak to their constituents?  Such is the case in North Carolina where Mike McIntyre, Kay Hagan and Richard Burr have all said they are not holding any town halls while on recess.  They have each claimed that they will have other opportunities to speak to those they serve, yet they will not disclose what those opportunities are.  Now we are half-way through the August recess and our North Carolina representatives are still MIA.

Obama-Care-Skull-Source-Google-Public-DomainOne of the hottest topics we’d like to discuss with them is Obamacare.  This wildly unpopular and unconstitutional law is meeting with overwhelming bipartisan opposition.  The unions and Democrats are catching up with the rest of America who have objected to government-run healthcare from the get-go.  As I wrote earlier this month, Obamacare is “vastly more expensive than we were told; it doesn’t cover more people; it puts more restrictions and regulations on care givers; and rather than reducing the costs of healthcare, it vastly increases the costs while vastly reducing the quality and timeliness of care.”

Having passed the “Affordable Care Act” without reading it, Washington and America alike are discovering all of the above.  Now we are left with one option – defunding.  Yet representatives on both sides of the isle, including Republicans who voted for repeal, seem determined to let it pass unobstructed.  Senator Burr called defunding Obamacare “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of,” claiming, wrongly, that Conservatives are threatening to shut down the government over it.  This is a big, fat, red herring.  Defunding Obamacare needs not affect military pay, social security, etc.  But Burr himself is not short on dumb ideas: he has been the epitome of the RINO (Republican in name only), voting to proceed on Harry Reid’s gun control legislation in April, signing onto the Gang of 8’s Amnesty bill, not to mention watching the VA backlog expand exponentially under his watch as a ranking member of the VA.

Meanwhile on the other side of the isle Mike McIntyre is hosting the North Carolina Business and Economic Development Summit in September while ignoring the biggest negative impact to businesses, the new healthcare law.  He himself voted against Obamacare, though he had nothing to lose by it since by the time he voted there were already enough votes to pass.  Even so, defunding Obamacare would help both healthcare and the economy, both of which would be benefits for which he could take credit if he got on board to defund.  And at the moment comrade Hagan is supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens, opposing Voter ID, and working on lowering student interest rates.

These representatives, who, along with their staffs, will be free of the Obamacare burden as they’re either granted waivers of exemption or the government subsidizes about 70%, are ignoring the very people who are paying for Obamacare and will feel its ill effects the most.  This is prompting everyday citizens all across the country to stand up and make their voices heard.


DontFundItDefund Obamacare town halls are popping up all over the place, including here in Wilmington on Tuesday, August 27th from 6-8pm at the New Hanover County Library NE, Live Oak Room.  Though invited via all formats with plenty of notice, McIntyre, Hagan and Burr have all refused.  That’s par for the course.  We will proceed without them and hold them to account.  Anyone in North Carolina who does not sign on to defund Obamacare is putting their political career in jeopardy, leaving the rest of us to hang.

We have an excellent lineup of speakers:  Dr. Tony Maglione, M.D. is a cardiologist, who trained at the Cleveland clinic and has been a physician for over 33 years. He authored two books, Obamacare and How to Vote to Save This Country and is a local talk radio host on 106.7 FM discussing healthcare and political issues.  Dr. Greg Brannon, OBGYN with 18 years experience, and is running for senate.  Both doctors will share their first-hand knowledge of the negative impacts they are already seeing with the implementation of Obamacare.  Pattie Curran, whose chronically ill children require special and constant care, has a compelling story showing the brutal reality of what her family is facing under this law.  Jason Thigpen, whose credentials include the NHC Veterans Council, NC Military and Veterans Council, the Student Veterans Advocacy Group and Disabled American Veterans, will speak to the special impact of Obamacare on veterans and military members.  We also have Francis De Luca, president of the Civitas Institute, which advocates liberty, prosperity, personality responsibility, and the implementation of Conservative principles in North Carolina.  Finally, Claude Pope, entrepreneur and Chair of the NC GOP will discuss the NC GOP’s Resolution to Defund Obamacare.

This Town Hall will be both educational and empowering as we close in on the last opportunity to avoid this catastrophic law.  See you there!

Grandfathering in Illegal “Youth”

On Friday Obama decreed that illegal “youth” under 30 who’ve been here more than 5 consecutive years will be granted legal status and work permits.  This dictatorial step is just one of many steps he has taken ignoring his oath to uphold the Constitution, let alone to operate within the powers allotted him by our Constitutional Republic.  As he takes this step, many on the Left have already been working to prevent voter ID laws from being put in place to prevent voter fraud (many on the Right have not done enough to oppose this).  Grandfathering in millions of illegals who won’t have to show that they are citizens will result in even more voter fraud than is already taking place.  If that happens and Obama wins a second term, it will be the Republicans’ fault for not opposing this move, requiring proof of citizenship to vote, and on a broader scale sitting on their hands with regard to illegal immigration and border security.

This will also add to our economic nightmare.  Legal immigrants will be pushed aside as the government employees who currently handle immigration cases will have millions of new cases dropped in their laps.  The cost will be staggering and of course will be placed squarely on the backs of the taxpayers.  As my husband has been going through the legal immigration process and we have been doing everything according to the law, it is unfair and infuriating for Obama to kick aside law abiding legal immigrants and to burden the taxpayers with the expense of executing his plan all so he can widen his voting base.

Obama (and all who are for amnesty for illegals) will deprive the 20+ million unemployed AMERICANS of jobs for which they are desperate.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth, first as he delivered this “decree” Friday but then alternately as he also says he won’t rest until everyone in the country has a job.  Proponents of amnesty ignore the great cost to American citizens: in jobs; in the $2.5 billion (in NC alone) in tax-payer-funded services such as hospitals, prisons and schools; in American kids losing spots in classrooms that are being taken up by illegal immigrants; in the closing of schools and hospitals;  in the Mexican drug cartels taking over national park areas and they and other criminals who have taken hundreds of lives a year.

When Obama or anyone else says illegal immigrants are just good, hard-working people, it’s a lie – not because many are not well-intentioned or hard-working – but because they can’t possibly know who is well-intentioned and who isn’t.  They haven’t interviewed them all, they haven’t examined all of their backgrounds and reasons for coming to America.  That is the job of immigration officials – the part they all skipped.  We know too well that the federal government is not enforcing its own immigration laws, now we’re being told that this incompetent administration is going to do the job on millions more?  They can’t even keep known criminals that they deport out of the country!  What we do know about all illegal immigrants is that regardless of their intentions, their first act coming to this country was to commit a crime, to come into the country illegally.  We know that they did not care about our Constitution or our laws enough to follow them.  We know that many are taking advantage of our tax-payer provided services, and therefore stealing from the taxpayers.  Those that we’re told are “good tax-paying workers” are committing fraud if they have tax ID numbers.  Knowing that, it’s totally absurd to make blanket statements about their goodness.  Not to mention they don’t give a crap about good, hardworking, tax-paying American citizens!

This also promotes racism against Latinos.  When immigration laws are being enforced, the general public knows that those they see on the street, in the schools, in the workplaces have a right to be here.  Because the laws are not being enforced, average people don’t know if the Latinos they see every day are there as law-abiding people applying to be or already Americans or are a burden on them as outlined in the previous paragraph.  This will inevitably breed suspicion and resentment that would not exist if the laws were being enforced.  It has nothing to do with actual racism: circumstances that favor one group unfairly while not protecting another are going to have this result.

Both parties are promoting their own brand of this same act.  Marco Rubio is making his own version of the Dream Act wherein children will be granted amnesty, which inevitably means their families will be granted amnesty as well because (whine) “you caaaaaaaaan’t separate the faaaaaaamilies!”  Romney was slow and flimsy in his response to Obama’s Friday announcement.  Republicans from the top down are being told to keep quiet on illegal immigration.  The Democrats are all for illegal immigration, the Republicans are spineless in dealing with the problem seriously and effectively.  On the one hand the Left wants a wider set of Democrat voters, on the other the Right is in bed with Big Business and cheap illegal labor.  Both are willing to do more for illegals than for American citizens, yet whomever next becomes a citizen will be the next group each will try to exploit.

We certainly have to confront the problem of children who are not of legal age to have made the decisions to break our laws.  If our elected officials would close the door and turn off the faucet, then we could get to mopping and drying.  And then a nice buff and wax.


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