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Women In Combat

“JUDE EDEN should be on every radio show in America. She’s purely FANTASTIC radio, but more than that, her message is so important and not enough people are hearing it.  And I would have to say that she is probably the single best spokeswoman on this issue, PERIOD. She was SO GOOD, that I am going to make it a special podcast for people to share.  Jude Eden makes me proud to be a woman, and DAMN proud to be an American.”

– Vicki McKenna, Radio show host


What Happened to “Combat standards won’t be lowered”?

February 9, 2018. The Marines are removing the Combat Endurance Test (CET) as a requirement to pass the Infantry Officer’s Course (IOC). If our military won’t “weed out” the less capable during formative training, our enemies surely will.

The Results So Far of Social Engineering in the U.S. Military

October 7, 2017. We are seeing the consequences of making Diversity the military’s top priority instead of combat readiness. We are less ready than ever to confront a diversity of enemies.

Female Army Colonel Illustrates Why No One Should Listen to Army About Marine Standards for Stream.org

October 20, 2016. Feminist policy makers are trying to lower Marine standards simply to reach a quota of females in the program — not what is best for the nation.

Marines Trolling Girls’ Sports Teams for Combat Jobs Should Take a Lesson from the Olympics for Stream.org

August 17, 2016. Are the Olympics just another relic of patriarchy, or do we know something arch-leftists don’t? If women competed against men in the toughest sporting competition on the globe they would never medal and likely would be phased out completely.  Yet the Marine command wants to troll high school sports teams for female athletes to fill Marine jobs, including combat positions where stakes are not medals and reputation but life, limb and our country’s national security.

Sorry Miss USA But Direct Combat is Not a Beauty Pageant Stage for Stream.org

June 7, 2016. Miss USA’s statements on women in combat units demonstrated little forethought on the issue, but, hey, why let the reality of direct ground combat against the likes of ISIS ruin a good “I am woman, hear me roar” moment?

Advocates for Women in Combat Value Diversity over Victory for Crisis Magazine

June 7, 2016. It would be an administrative nightmare to sift through thousands and thousands of female registrants to test and find the one or two who can do the typical combat tasks required of the infantry. Regardless of standards, women face additional and higher risks than men which also make ground combat and drafting thereto a very unequal prospect.

Drafting Women Into Combat Doesn’t Enhance Equality. It Courts Disaster. for Stream.org

May 21, 2016. Much higher rates of injury are a liability to the units that have to be the strongest, fastest and most ferocious. Drafting women for this would mean much higher turnover, diminished combat effectiveness and fewer of both men and women coming home alive and victorious against our enemies.

Recipe for Disaster: Assigning Unqualified Women to Combat Leadership for Stream.org

March 16, 2016.  That no women have been able to pass the grueling IOC may be ignored by the Pentagon and Marine Corps leadership, but it certainly won’t be by subordinates in the infantry units themselves, nor should it…Another glaring element that will destroy unit cohesion and lead to mission failure is the splitting of the chain of command that will tear the heart out of the small-team leadership essential to infantry success.

No, Women Should Not Be Included in the Draft for the Daily Signal

February 16, 2016. Drafting women is a bad idea because putting women into combat units is a bad idea on a myriad of fronts from degraded combat readiness to skyrocketing injuries, risk, expense, and danger to the long-term medical bill and increased casualties. We always need men to fight whereas drafting women is totally unnecessary.

All GOP Presidential Candidates but Cruz Afraid to Defend Women’s Combat Exemption for Stream.org

February 9, 2016. Saturday’s GOP primary debate question about women and the draft highlighted the fact that most of the candidates are so terrified of the “war on women” label that they repeat the left’s position on women in combat and the draft without serious thought or consideration.

What’s Wrong With Coed Boot Camp? for Laura Ingraham’s Lifezette

January 13, 2016. The problems with integrating boot camp are the same as those of integrating the combat arms, so the Marines are not allowed to talk about it.

Women in Combat: No, Most Military Women Didn’t Ask for This for Stream.org

December 22, 2015. Don’t confuse most military women with the tiny feminist cabal comprised of a few officers and a lot of political groups who’ve been pushing for complete integration of the combat arms.

Thanks, Ashton – Women Now Subject to Involuntary Assignment to Combat Units, Selective Service for Breitbart

December 10, 2015. Polls would have us believe that Americans generally support putting women in combat units. However, the questioning always includes the critical and false caveat if women want to

Combat Harms Women & Combat Readiness

December 7, 2015. The tiny few who are willing and maybe able still bring much higher risk of injury, lesser performance and are higher value targets to our enemies, all of which unnecessarily adds risk and weakness for everyone involved.

1310 WIBA News/Talk Radio Vicki McKenna Special: Jude Eden 

December 4, 2015. Jude discusses the many negative impacts of opening combat units to women and the ramifications of Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s decision to completely repeal women’s combat exemption.

Ashton Carter Betrays Military Women and Combat Effectiveness

December 4, 2015. Active duty women are set up for no less than failure, increased disability and death by those who completely disregard both women and combat effectiveness in favor of fake diversity that does nothing but weaken us against our enemies.

A Tale of Two Combat Integration Tests: Army v. Marines for Stream.org

November 11, 2015. The Marines set out to answer a question: Can women perform at the same level as men in the infantry?  Army Ranger school seems to have been a different story.

Shut Up, You! SecDef Gags Military on Women In Combat Discussion

October 19, 2015. If the data supported the case for women in combat units, its supporters would be shouting it from the rooftops instead of hiding it from view.

What Repealing the Combat Exclusion Means For Our Military for Stream.org

October 2, 2015. You don’t make policy that affects our national security and the entire population of young females based on the short-term performance of a few individuals…

Women & Hand-to-Hand Combat: Thoughts From a Female Black Belt Marine Iraq War Veteran

August 22, 2015. Fighting ISIS on meth hand-to-hand.  It’s every girl’s dream, right?

CNN Spot: 2 Females Graduate Ranger School – Why Maintain the Combat Exclusion?

August 22, 2015. These are all things that activists for women in combat and those who think they are forward-thinking good feminists brush off as nothing, myths, remnants of archaic patriarchal misogyny in need of re-education and attitude adjustment…

New York Times’ Opinion: Maintain the Combat Exclusion for Women in the Military

August 21, 2015.  Women bear far more risks than men in combat, and once the combat units are opened to women, enlisted women won’t have a choice…

Women in Combat: The Question of Standards for Military Review

March 3, 2015. As traditionally male military occupational specialties (MOSs) are opened to women, the standards are questioned and maligned as unfairly discriminatory as women’s inability to achieve them is exposed…

Fan video! Checkpoint duty, Fallujah, Iraq 2005

Combat: Testosterone Required

June 10, 2014.  Are double standards and endemic discouragement of women to train hard to blame for the fact that women continue to wash out of the Marine Corps’ Officer Infantry Course? That is the charge of female Marine Lt. Sage Santangello in an article for the Washington Times…

Women Fail to Achieve Male Marines’ Lowest Standard

January 14, 2014. Earlier this month the Marine Corps decided to delay the low 3 pull-up requirement for women that they had hoped to apply in 2014.  The measure was set in preparation for compliance with the Pentagon’s intent to open combat units to women in 2016.  Since less than half of female recruits could make the minimum requirement by the end of 2013, this implementation is being delayed…

The Real War On Women Is Sending Them Into Combat Book Review

July 24, 2013.  Robert L. Maginnis has done a tremendous service to the debate on opening American combat units to women in his new book, Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women Into Combat.  This is a must-read for any woman thinking of joining the military and, indeed, anyone with a daughter, sister, or 18-26-year old female loved one.

Conservative Nation Radio: On Women in Combat; April 2013

Let The Men Be Heroes, Because They Are

February 12, 2013. On Thursday January 31,  2012 I had the pleasure of participating in a roundtable discussion on the subject of women in combat roles on the Glenn Beck show (members can view the show in full in the website’s archives).  I didn’t know Green Beret Greg Stube or Navy Seal Pete Scobell before that day, but we got to know each other well over the course of the show and afterward.  I was blown away by their level of sacrifice, what they had endured and overcome, and how they are still serving our country in their current endeavors.  “Heroes” doesn’t begin to cover it…

Women In Combat vs. The Military’s Sexual Assault Problem

February 4, 2013. The Invisible War is a 2012 documentary showing the shocking prevalence of sexual assault in the military, and worse, the cover-ups that tend to follow.  The rate of assaults against women is completely unacceptable as it is.  We should not put women in infantry and special forces where the risk will be even greater to them because there is less supervision, more pressure, and everyone does everything together and in front of each other.  It will be totally destructive of women and combat readiness both…

Careerists vs. Mother Nature

January 29, 2013. In continuing the discussion of opening combat roles to women, we have the argument that women are already there, deploying and fighting in hot zones.  This is true, and it gives us a record of the problems we are already experiencing as a result…

The Glenn Beck TV Show: On Women in Combat; January 2013, with Navy SEAL Pete Scobell, Green Beret Greg Stube, and General Jerry Boykin.

The Problem(s) of Women In Combat

January 25, 2013.  It’s not all about qualification…

A little ditty about boot camp

Jude served in the Marine Corps from 2004-2008 as an 0651, Data Communications.  In Fallujah she and her unit supported the communications network of 4,000 personnel.  She was also assigned to Entry Checkpoint Duty, frisking women and children for explosives at checkpoints entering the city, working and convoying with the Marine Corps Infantry.

Morning Convoy, Fallujah 2005.
Morning Convoy, Fallujah 2005.

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