crowdOn September 17th, 1787, our Founding Fathers gathered at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and signed our most sacred document next to the Declaration of Independence, our United States Constitution.  In celebration of the 226th anniversary, North Carolinians from all over the state gathered at Jemeokee Park in Pinnacle, NC for the 3rd annual North Carolina Constitution Day TEA Party Rally.  Hundreds gathered throughout the day to hear speakers who reaffirmed our Founding principles and our Constitutional rights.  Many spoke of the urgency for action as these rights are continually eroded by our current administration, from the impending implementation of Obamacare, to Common Core in our schools, to our continuing struggle to maintain our second amendment rights, and much more.

The family-friendly event, planned by Kevin Shinault, and Stephen Bennett, was emceed by Bill Flynn, author and Truth Broadcasting Radio Host of The Eagle AM980, and U.S. Army vet and NC conservative icon Major Dave.  Featured speakers included NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest, Jan Morgan, award winning journalist, nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker, firearms instructor and founder of Armed American Woman; and former US Navy SEAL Ben Smith.  Many others also spoke including U.S. Senate candidates Dr. Greg Brannon, Mark Harris, and Heather Grant, Blogtalk radio personalities, local Tea Party leaders and activists including the creator of the 2 Million Bikers to DC, Belinda Bee, and even an actor playing George Washington.  I was excited to be able to say a few words on being a political animal.  See the full speaker list at the end of this article.  There were vendors, raffles, food and music, and the weather could hardly have been more pristine.

One attendee, Irene, said, “Today, I am invigorated!  I get so much energy from being around this wonderful group of people. We love our country, and recognize that the Constitution is the key, liberty and freedom are second only to God and the free market is the most powerful force in lifting people out of economic despair.”

Constitutionalists and Tea Party activists across the nation continue in the struggle to maintain our liberties and freedom in America.  Like-minded individuals band together at gatherings like these to show unity, to network and to help each other to take action in the defense of liberty.  Despite targeting by the IRS, spying by the NSA, and constant demonizing from their opponents, events like the NC Constitution Day Rally show that the Tea Party movement is far from over.  More TEA please!

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NC Constitution Day TEA Party Rally Speakers:

Stephen Bennett: Stand Up NC; Constitutional Minutemen of NC

Wild Bill for America / Act 1

Nicole Revels: Carolina Liberty PAC

Bill Looman: Constitutionalist icon from GA

Robert Brawley: State Rep District 95, Faith & Freedom Coalition legislator liaison

Michele Nix: Chairwoman Lenoir GOP

Janet Spainhour:  Randolph Tea

Scott Cumbie: Forsyth GOP Chairman

James Manship:  Washington Reenactor from VA

Joyce Kraweic:  NC GOP Vice Chair

Jaison Sheppard: Viral Overpass YouTube

Tami Fitzgerald:  NC Values

Sheriff Sam Page: Rockingham County

Karen Kozel: Eastern Tea

Mike Marshall: Stokes Militia

Gadi Adelman: America Akbar Radio

Melissa Ann Fleming:  Stokes Activist

Oddy Crist: Raising American Political Awareness

Jamie Crook: Youth Tea Surry

John Bare: Rowan County Tea

Greg Brannon: US Senate candidate

Sherriff Mike Marshall: Stokes County

Major Dave

Dennis Petersen: Charlotte City Council Candidate

Mark Harris: US Senate candidate

Earl Phillip: NC State Director of RNC

Barbara Mulligan Buffing: Women Patriots Radio

Tucker Thomas Durgin: Conservative Youth Outreach

Dee Parks: Moore Tea

Bret McGraw: Jomeokee flyer graphics artist

Heather Grant: US Senate Candidate

Ben Smith:  Former Navy Seal

Jude Eden: writer at conservative activist from Wilmington

Sean McGowan: Cabarrus GOP Chairman

Vallee Bubak: Public Relations consultant, Conservative Activist Mecklenburg Co

Rep Brian Holloway: Rep of District 91

Candi Goldman: Ponytail Patriot Radio from GA

Tommy Harrington: Will of the People Rockingham

Dot Booth Bush: Rockingham Tea

Ron Long: WeThe People, Concord

Pudgy Miller: KIRP Radio

Sharon Hudson: North Mecklenburg R. Women

Bill Flynn: The Vanishing 4th Amendment

Dan Forest: NC Lt Governor

Jan Morgan: Keynote