Letter to the Editor, Star News Online 5/31/2012

On May 8th North Carolinians voted against bigotry towards Christians and against the destruction of marriage.  Anyone can still live with whomever they choose, screw any adult they choose, and add anyone to their retirement accounts, hospital visitation and the like, and if a crime is committed against you, there is legal recourse because you’re a citizen whose rights are guaranteed by the Declaration & Constitution .  You don’t have to be particularly religious to note that marriage has always and everywhere been between one man and one woman – always and in every culture and tribe across the globe regardless of religion.  Marriage not only protects children, it benefits and strengthens society, homosexual unions do not.  To destroy the definition of marriage is to further degrade our moral foundations – which, by the way, protect gays and straights alike.  But if nothing has meaning, everything is relative and there is no right and wrong the people can be easily led – even to their own demise.  It’s a society under which the proponents of gay marriage themselves would suffer.