NC Constituents Lose Confidence in Senator Burr

From guest writer Ginny Quaglia

Wilmington, NC – A group of concerned  Cape Fear area residents met with staffers at Senator Richard Burr’s Wilmington office  on Monday, Sept. 23. The constituents put Senator Burr on notice that they have been closely watching his votes and plan to continue holding him accountable for not upholding the conservative principles he ran on.

Some recent votes they cited that were contrary to conservative principles and many in lock-step with Senator Hagan (D) , were his votes on the Farm Bill, Internet Sales Tax bill, food safety bill, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and his cloture vote on the gun legislation.

“I take Senator’s Burr’s actions personally”, stated Wilmington resident Lois  Dixon, “I personally walked neighborhoods and knocked on doors for Mr. Burr and he has misrepresented himself to the voters who worked hard to get him elected.”

Most troubling to those in attendance was Mr. Burr’s position on defunding ObamaCare through the Continuing Resolution. Senator Burr has been quoted as saying, “I think it’s the dumbest idea I ever heard.”

Southport resident Mary Ann McCarthy commented, “We think it’s ‘dumb’ that, as fellow Republicans, we are continually betrayed by Senator Burr’s votes. So–  we give him a vote of no confidence.”

Ginny Quaglia-HS wideGinny Quaglia is a conservative activist and public speaker.  Quaglia was awarded the Brunswick Beacon 1st amendment award in 2012 and named activist of the month by Heritage Action in May of 2012.  She resides in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

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