Letter to the Editor, Star News, submitted March 8, 2012 in response to:


Ilario Pantano is the opposite of Obama, that’s why we want him in Washington!

Obama had to lie, lie and lie some more in order to get elected.  He had to seal every record, shut every mouth, hide who he was and is.  He’s actually horrible speaker, awful to listen to, uninspiring and nasal, condescending and full of blame, and when you go to verify anything he says you find out that he’s lying.   The people didn’t fall for a great orator, they fell for an image they didn’t bother to verify.

Ilario Pantano’s whole life is on the record and you can verify it – and he always takes questions.  He doesn’t have to sell a thing because he’s telling the truth – about his life and his positions on policy.  He WAS a Marine, both enlisted and officer, he DID fight in two wars leaving behind a cushy life to fight for this country.  He WAS a Sheriff’s deputy in Wilmington, he DID work on wall street – and he excelled at every single one of these things. He IS a Christian, father and husband, and he IS a strong articulate Conservative.

The people can verify it for themselves – Ilario is everywhere meeting the voters.  He’s a passionate, charismatic speaker who is articulating ideas and solutions with which a lot of folks agree.  He’s telling the truth, he’s a strong Conservative, and that scares people like Steven Moore who has to lie and deceive, just like Obama, to get people to believe him.