On Friday Obama decreed that illegal “youth” under 30 who’ve been here more than 5 consecutive years will be granted legal status and work permits.  This dictatorial step is just one of many steps he has taken ignoring his oath to uphold the Constitution, let alone to operate within the powers allotted him by our Constitutional Republic.  As he takes this step, many on the Left have already been working to prevent voter ID laws from being put in place to prevent voter fraud (many on the Right have not done enough to oppose this).  Grandfathering in millions of illegals who won’t have to show that they are citizens will result in even more voter fraud than is already taking place.  If that happens and Obama wins a second term, it will be the Republicans’ fault for not opposing this move, requiring proof of citizenship to vote, and on a broader scale sitting on their hands with regard to illegal immigration and border security.

This will also add to our economic nightmare.  Legal immigrants will be pushed aside as the government employees who currently handle immigration cases will have millions of new cases dropped in their laps.  The cost will be staggering and of course will be placed squarely on the backs of the taxpayers.  As my husband has been going through the legal immigration process and we have been doing everything according to the law, it is unfair and infuriating for Obama to kick aside law abiding legal immigrants and to burden the taxpayers with the expense of executing his plan all so he can widen his voting base.

Obama (and all who are for amnesty for illegals) will deprive the 20+ million unemployed AMERICANS of jobs for which they are desperate.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth, first as he delivered this “decree” Friday but then alternately as he also says he won’t rest until everyone in the country has a job.  Proponents of amnesty ignore the great cost to American citizens: in jobs; in the $2.5 billion (in NC alone) in tax-payer-funded services such as hospitals, prisons and schools; in American kids losing spots in classrooms that are being taken up by illegal immigrants; in the closing of schools and hospitals;  in the Mexican drug cartels taking over national park areas and they and other criminals who have taken hundreds of lives a year.

When Obama or anyone else says illegal immigrants are just good, hard-working people, it’s a lie – not because many are not well-intentioned or hard-working – but because they can’t possibly know who is well-intentioned and who isn’t.  They haven’t interviewed them all, they haven’t examined all of their backgrounds and reasons for coming to America.  That is the job of immigration officials – the part they all skipped.  We know too well that the federal government is not enforcing its own immigration laws, now we’re being told that this incompetent administration is going to do the job on millions more?  They can’t even keep known criminals that they deport out of the country!  What we do know about all illegal immigrants is that regardless of their intentions, their first act coming to this country was to commit a crime, to come into the country illegally.  We know that they did not care about our Constitution or our laws enough to follow them.  We know that many are taking advantage of our tax-payer provided services, and therefore stealing from the taxpayers.  Those that we’re told are “good tax-paying workers” are committing fraud if they have tax ID numbers.  Knowing that, it’s totally absurd to make blanket statements about their goodness.  Not to mention they don’t give a crap about good, hardworking, tax-paying American citizens!

This also promotes racism against Latinos.  When immigration laws are being enforced, the general public knows that those they see on the street, in the schools, in the workplaces have a right to be here.  Because the laws are not being enforced, average people don’t know if the Latinos they see every day are there as law-abiding people applying to be or already Americans or are a burden on them as outlined in the previous paragraph.  This will inevitably breed suspicion and resentment that would not exist if the laws were being enforced.  It has nothing to do with actual racism: circumstances that favor one group unfairly while not protecting another are going to have this result.

Both parties are promoting their own brand of this same act.  Marco Rubio is making his own version of the Dream Act wherein children will be granted amnesty, which inevitably means their families will be granted amnesty as well because (whine) “you caaaaaaaaan’t separate the faaaaaaamilies!”  Romney was slow and flimsy in his response to Obama’s Friday announcement.  Republicans from the top down are being told to keep quiet on illegal immigration.  The Democrats are all for illegal immigration, the Republicans are spineless in dealing with the problem seriously and effectively.  On the one hand the Left wants a wider set of Democrat voters, on the other the Right is in bed with Big Business and cheap illegal labor.  Both are willing to do more for illegals than for American citizens, yet whomever next becomes a citizen will be the next group each will try to exploit.

We certainly have to confront the problem of children who are not of legal age to have made the decisions to break our laws.  If our elected officials would close the door and turn off the faucet, then we could get to mopping and drying.  And then a nice buff and wax.