Out-Pandering the Panderer-in-Chief

It was bad enough when Emperor Obama announced his June 15 decree to bypass Congress and grant legal status and work permits to 800,000 illegal immigrants.  Even worse, however, was that Romney and the Republicans have completely ignored that this is an unconstitutional, impeachable act.  Where is the outcry against this Tyrant in Chief?  The silence is deafening.

Romney doesn’t care that Obama has acted unconstitutionally, he’s fine with it.  He’ll have that power for himself if his spinelessness doesn’t cost him the election.  And as Obama made his move pandering to Hispanics for their votes, Romney is doing exactly the same.  He’ll staple green cards to diplomas?  He wouldn’t have the constitutional right to do so.  He won’t repeal Obama’s executive order?  Of course not.  Both parties are the same, neither acting according to the Constitution and varying only by slight degrees.

This is no alternative to Obama and it gives the lie to Romney’s campaign slogan, “Believe in America.”  If he did he would be talking about those principles that make America great and that foster the desire to become American through legal immigration.  He would be talking about how thwarting and undermining the Constitution hurts the citizens, including legal immigrants, whose rights are guaranteed and protected by it.

As Romney dangles green cards and other incentives in exchange for Hispanic support, so will he lose the support of mainstream America – you know, the ones affected by illegal immigration.  He should be campaigning on American Conservative values – fiscal responsibility, strong national security, smaller government and the like – because these are good for all citizens regardless of race, religion or creed.  Instead, he feints left to out-pander the panderer-in-chief.

Posing as an opponent to big government, Romney’s declarations would expand the bureaucracy of the already overwhelmed legal immigration system.  Legal immigrants currently going through the process will be shoved aside just as they will be because of Obama’s June 15 pronouncement.  Focusing on a tiny group at the expense of the rest, he makes clear his disregard for the rule of law, the suffering economy and the lack of employment.  Romney shows that he, too, will say whatever he wants in order to get elected.  This is our alternative to Obama?

Maybe it’s time for a Scott Walker write-in.

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2 responses to “Out-Pandering the Panderer-in-Chief

  • Disaffected Youth

    Romney and Obama are basically the same person.

    Obama just wants a bigger leftist government, Romney wants a big righty one.

    The only thing this election will determine is which special interest groups are going to receive payoffs for the election of their respective candidates.

    The reformation of the Republican party will be slow (gotta wait for the neo-cons to die off and the religious right to get the hell out of the party), but the next page of smaller, smarter, more efficient government is already underway. Libertarian-minded supporters are being elected into republican party positions in states all over the nation.

    Maybe 2016 will be the year we get our liberties back (NDAA), audit the Fed, and stop cruising the world for wars (whoops I meant to say to promote democracy abroad).

    I’m voting Gary Johnson, personally.

    There is no way I can, in good conscience, vote for either side of the political punditry.

    Because three or four years from now we’ll have even less civil liberties, more government monitoring, more debt, and more federal coercion whether Obama or Romney are elected.

    I refuse to vote against the interests of our nation.

    Thank you for the insightful post.


  • Jude Eden, Jane of Trades

    Romney hardly wants a big righty government, that’s the problem. Gary Johnson? What a laugh.


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