SCOTUS shows its two faces today in its ruling that although the individual mandate is unconstitutional, individuals will be taxed if they don’t buy medical insurance.  Thus nullifying the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate, we’ll be punished if we don’t buy.  Similarly, New York kept mum in the face of Nanny Bloomberg’s tyrannical dictates on the size of soft drink one can buy.  Next to come, banning popcorn, candy…you name it.

While some are happy with this type of government regulation over the intricacies of our lives, few on the pro-Obamacare side see that if the government can outlaw sugar, it can outlaw health food.  All that has to happen is for some data to come out that health food is bad for you and bammo – outlawed by ninnies like Bloomberg.

If you give the government the power to penalize or prevent you from getting something they consider bad for you, they can do the same for things that are good for you.  That’s why we don’t want to grant the bureaucracy that power – they are not capable of deciding what’s best for anyone let alone everyone.  Rather than seeing us as individuals with different makeups, we are seen as plebes that need to be controlled, all our decisions made for us.

What if a bunch of scientific data came out saying that meat was essential to the human diet?  No freedom to decide if you want to be vegetarian or not.  You’d be required to eat meat or your health care costs would go up.  Vegetarians and vegans would be out of luck, unfree to act according to their wills and consciences.  What if data suddenly came out and said you must consume a certain amount of sugar instead of that you aren’t allowed to consume it?  Hypoglycemics would be all set, diabetics would be…dead.

If the government has the power to require you to buy health care, be it through individual mandate or the threat of taxation for non-compliance, they can require you to buy anything.  How would the anti-gun lobbyists like it if the government required every citizen to buy a gun?  How would the environmentalists like it if they were required to buy nuclear waste?  What if avid recyclers were required to buy tires?  Congress and SCOTUS have given government the power to do just that.  And there are morons out there celebrating that decision today.

I was glad to hear Romney come out so strongly against Obamacare once more today as the SCOTUS decision came out.  We must kick this president out and repeal this dictatorial law!