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Dear Gang of 8

There should be no discussion whatsoever about changing or amending immigration policy without first securing our border, enforcing current immigration law, and implementing E-verify.  The Boston Marathon bombing perfectly illustrates why we should insist that our borders be secured and our immigration policy vigorously enforced. Our borders are wide open and we all know it.  You have no idea who the millions of illegal immigrants in this country are:  You don’t know why they came, where they’ve been, what they bring with them.  You haven’t asked each and every one of them.  Our current immigration process does just that – so the United States knows that when an immigrant has become a citizen, his background has been checked for criminal records, his blood checked for communicable diseases, his financial records checked for stability, his knowledge of the country, its laws, and his reasons for being here committed to record.  My husband went through that process and became a citizen, it’s not that hard!

The millions who go through that process have declared that they want to be citizens and they obeyed our laws so that they too could be protected by those laws.  Many fled from countries where they didn’t have such protection.  The last idea our representatives should be entertaining is to pile millions of illegal immigrants – who didn’t want to bother with our legal process – on top of the millions who did.  This is already an overburdened process.  How much extra taxpayer funded staff will have to be added to field the paperwork of all the new Amnesty recipients?  How many legal immigrants’ cases will be slowed and pushed aside for illegals to get a cheap ticket at the front?  Why should law-breakers be rewarded?  Why should law-abiding legal immigrants be so slighted?

You should demand that every inch of our border is protected, fenced, surveiled and patrolled.  You should oppose illegal immigrants being given any tax-payer funded services or driver’s licenses which are magnets drawing them here.  You should demand the implementation of E-verify.  This obvious and peaceful solution will have illegals returning to their countries of origin on their own.  The interest of Big Businesses who want cheap labor are not more important than the safety of every citizen and the livelihoods of citizens out of work in Obama’s horrible economy.  You should demand the implementation of voter ID – stand against those who are nullifying the votes of legal citizens with their fraud.  Give these three to five years to work before discussing any Amnesty policy.

The anti-gun bill was killed this week.  People know that where crazy people commit mass shootings and crazy Jihadists commit mass bombings, we need to be able to protect ourselves every single day.  The best defense against both threats are law-abiding gun-owners exercising their right to bear arms, and the government and criminals shouldn’t be the only ones with guns.  Your Amnesty bill should fail for similar reasons because it’s not just terrorists that are a concern.  In my home of North Carolina there are dozens and dozens of crimes committed every month by illegal aliens.  They are drunk drivers, rapists, molesters, batterers and murderers.  We know about the government’s catch-and-release policy.  We know of all the criminals who were released, supposedly in preparation for Obama’s Sequestration.  The purpose of the government is to protect its citizens and part of that is securing our borders and enforcing the law.  It’s obvious, we all know it, every country does it and there’s nothing racially charged or unfair about it.  Stop the push for Amnesty!

Out-Pandering the Panderer-in-Chief

It was bad enough when Emperor Obama announced his June 15 decree to bypass Congress and grant legal status and work permits to 800,000 illegal immigrants.  Even worse, however, was that Romney and the Republicans have completely ignored that this is an unconstitutional, impeachable act.  Where is the outcry against this Tyrant in Chief?  The silence is deafening.

Romney doesn’t care that Obama has acted unconstitutionally, he’s fine with it.  He’ll have that power for himself if his spinelessness doesn’t cost him the election.  And as Obama made his move pandering to Hispanics for their votes, Romney is doing exactly the same.  He’ll staple green cards to diplomas?  He wouldn’t have the constitutional right to do so.  He won’t repeal Obama’s executive order?  Of course not.  Both parties are the same, neither acting according to the Constitution and varying only by slight degrees.

This is no alternative to Obama and it gives the lie to Romney’s campaign slogan, “Believe in America.”  If he did he would be talking about those principles that make America great and that foster the desire to become American through legal immigration.  He would be talking about how thwarting and undermining the Constitution hurts the citizens, including legal immigrants, whose rights are guaranteed and protected by it.

As Romney dangles green cards and other incentives in exchange for Hispanic support, so will he lose the support of mainstream America – you know, the ones affected by illegal immigration.  He should be campaigning on American Conservative values – fiscal responsibility, strong national security, smaller government and the like – because these are good for all citizens regardless of race, religion or creed.  Instead, he feints left to out-pander the panderer-in-chief.

Posing as an opponent to big government, Romney’s declarations would expand the bureaucracy of the already overwhelmed legal immigration system.  Legal immigrants currently going through the process will be shoved aside just as they will be because of Obama’s June 15 pronouncement.  Focusing on a tiny group at the expense of the rest, he makes clear his disregard for the rule of law, the suffering economy and the lack of employment.  Romney shows that he, too, will say whatever he wants in order to get elected.  This is our alternative to Obama?

Maybe it’s time for a Scott Walker write-in.


I’m a Marine and Iraq War Veteran.  I’ve been called a murderer, rapist and dumb by the likes of Jack Murtha and John Kerry.  I’ve been told by Harry Reid that the war is lost while my fellow Marines and me drastically reduced the amount of violence in Iraq while increasing the availability of electricity, water, medical help and schools.  Now Obama’s telling me that we’re getting out of Iraq without victory.  Try to convince me that the lives and blood that my brothers and sisters sacrificed is not in vain.  Convince me that all those women and children we helped by combatting violent suicide bombers are not now in grave danger.  Tell me all those resources and schools that were built after we took out Sadaam are not going to be destroyed.  Tell me that violence is not going to increase because the Americans who were will to fight for them and ourselves are now leaving.

I’m a cancer survivor.  I’ve watched my medical costs double every year since 2008.  The expensive scans I’m supposed to have every year to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned become more and more out of reach.  I’m lucky to still have a job, but I’m still working at the rate I started at years ago while expenses like these keep going up.  And now you’re going to tell me that I may not really need that scan, and you’re going to take that decision out of my hands.  The government will decide whether they can afford me that scan, and then tell me whether I need it or not.

I’m the wife of a legal immigrant.  Tell me that while my husband – who’s actually here for all the right reasons and is working through the citizenship process, who loves this country, taught himself English and who’s working his butt off, should go to the back of the line while you thumb your nose at him for being sucker enough to go through that legal process.  Convince me that checking someone’s driver’s license is somehow discriminatory if the driver looks Hispanic.  I have to hand over my license when I’m pulled over, so do you pal.  It’s not discrimination that you have to abide by the laws of this country, and pay the consequences if you’re breaking them.

I’m a home owner who’s lost $50,000 on the value of my house since we bought it in early 2008.  Thanks Frank-Dodd.   Go ahead.  Convince me it’s all Bush’s fault.

I’m an independent free and outspoken woman.  Tell me Muslims in this country are harmless when they don’t permit women to even drive in their own countries, when they rape women and then imprison or kill them for having been raped, where they stone women and women have no rights.  Tell me you’re a good feminist and advocating for a mosque at Ground Zero is a good thing.  Equality under the law is paramount in America, and women fought so hard for representation and protection in this country.  It is what the women of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan wish they had.  Tell me how diverse you feel as you advocate for gay marriage and also don’t want Muslims to be discriminated against, while they kill people for being gay.

I’m also a Jew.  That’s me Ahmadinejad and all the Muslims want to “push into the sea.” That’s my blood they want to wash their hands in, my skull they want to crush, that ‘religion of peace.’  And who do you think is next, once they’re done exterminating all us Jews?  You, infidel.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t happen to be Jewish.  You’re a non-believer, there’s no place for you and you’re next on the destruction list.

We’re struggling against big-government liberals and spineless Republicans alike.  Bad policy and weak opposition have gotten us into the black hole we’re in today.  This is the cost of electing the wrong people to represent us.  It’s the cost of not fighting back, of wimping out against liberal attacks with the excuse that ‘we can’t go there.’  McCain refused to attack Obama on his history, his dangerous and violent associations like terrorist Bill Ayers and racist violence advocator Jeremiah Wright.  He could have had a spine, but he chose not to.  We see what liberals are willing to do – anything in their power, true or false, to destroy conservatives.  We see what happens when they win.   We’re all poorer, we’re less free, we have less free speech and we’re not allowed to talk about what threatens us, we’ve lost our jobs, our homes, our savings.  We’re losing our families, our children can’t read.  Islamofascists are doing everything they can to permeate the globe and make themselves the next Master Race.

The stakes are high, the risks are great, but if we are going to survive we have to stop pussy-footing around bad liberal policy, we have to crush the opposition.  Big-government liberal policies have failed every time.  We have every justification to try Conservative solutions for once.  Bad liberal foreign policy has rendered the Middle East more unstable than it’s ever been, and us less prepared to deal with it.  Bad liberal economic policy has rendered us poorer than ever, has put more of us out of work and out of our homes.  Why should we continue to bother compromising with liberals who are always wrong?  We must defeat them, or we’ll never get out of this black hole.


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