The below was adapted from my welcome introduction to the iiiMPACT Conference we created.  You can see video, photos, and other info on this event at

iiiMPACT arose out of a conversation between a friend and me.  We were talking about how our votes are being nullified by illegal immigrants and dead people.  This made illegal immigration and our administration’s lack of law enforcement the utmost concern.  What good is it to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, if illegals are taking those jobs that should go to citizens?  What good is it for Republicans to ask for our votes when our votes are being stolen, our administration suing those (e.g. Florida) who are trying to purge their voter rolls of fraud?

Delivered August 11th, 2012

“I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

Yesterday my beloved husband said this when he took the Oath of Allegiance and became a citizen.  After many years, thousands of dollars spent and miles travelled, reams of paperwork, and countless hours of waiting, he finally reached that moment he’s been dreaming of since he was a child in his native Brazil.

Conversely, on June 15th Barak Obama unconstitutionally decreed that 800 thousand illegal youth will be granted legal working status.  He said these are just hard-working, patriotic people.  HOW DOES HE KNOW?  How does he know that they or the estimated 12-20 million illegals are here in good faith, for the right reasons?  How does he know whether each one of those millions is criminal or lawful?

Of course, HE DOESN’T.  They haven’t been interviewed and vetted.  Neither their stories, nor their countries of origin, nor their reasons for being here have been recorded.  One thing we do know.  Their first act in our country was to break our laws.  By coming here illegally they set themselves their children up for insecurity and failure, unlike the millions of legal immigrants who respected our laws so that they could be protected by our laws.

Meanwhile, our border agents are being instructed not to do their jobs as border agents.  In fact they are now instructed to run away.  We know about catch-and-release under which law enforcement officers who arrest illegal criminals even for violent crimes are being told to release them for such reasons as “He says he’s getting a GED.”

The more our laws are ignored, the longer our laws go unenforced, the more lawless we become.  A lawless country cannot and does not protect and guarantee the rights of the people.  It moves according to the will and whim of the powerful.

It’s interesting to note that immigrants who came from despotic or communist countries tell me they recognize that that’s where this country is heading.  Action by action, whether it’s ignoring illegal immigration, NDAA, Obamacare, Fast & Furious, Solyndra and the rest, we are becoming like the poor & corrupt countries from which they fled.  Through our lack of border control and immigration law enforcement we are losing the importance and meaning of American citizenship.

Immigrants past and present did not come here to find a country like their own.  They came to find one better, safer, and with more opportunity than you can shake a stick at.  They came to escape poverty, tyranny and corruption, where their rights would be guaranteed and protected.

Every country across the globe exercises strict protection of its borders.  In some countries you’re simply shot for trespassing the border.  Travelers and citizens alike are required to carry identifying documentation, and interestingly your religion is part of that documentation.  It is a difficult and long process to become a citizen of any country.  And yet here in America we’re being told that we are somehow against immigrants simply because we want to enforce the laws under which everyone, immigrants included, want and need to be protected.

But we know this tactic.  It’s subterfuge designed to shut us up quickly, just like all the baseless charges of racism so prevalent in our politics today.

They hope to shout us down and shut us up, and a lot of people including politicians on both sides of the isle are succumbing.  Both parties benefit from illegal immigration, whether the prize is a new voting bloc, cheap labor, or both.  So on one side are the timid who are paralyzed with fear of being called a name, and on the other side those driven by money and political expediency.

That’s why We the People put this together.

You may have seen Civitas’s video detailing voter fraud in North Carolina after the in which people were rejected because they weren’t citizens, and yet many of those same illegals were registered to vote.

That’s why we created iiimpact on this subject.  It started out with two of us taking about the fact that if our VOTES ARE NULLIFIED, our SOVEREIGNTY is gone.  Elections won’t matter and we have already lost.

Iiimpact is a bipartisan event.  Why?  Because an illegal drunk driver who kills a citizen does not distinguish whether his victim was a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative.  The billions of taxpayer spent supporting illegal immigrants in our hospitals, schools, welfare and social security come from both Democrats and Republicans.  Political affiliation is irrelevant to the victim who is assaulted by the violent criminal who was caught and released because of our spineless and corrupt so-called department of homeland “SECURITY.”  This is a bipartisan issue.

Iiimpact is a testament to what is POSSIBLE here in our beloved democratic republic.  It’s a testament to the Potential of everyday citizens to lawfully affect change for the better in our country.  This isn’t possible in so many countries.  IT’S UP TO US.