From guest writer Ginny Quaglia, a recently submitted letter to the Editor:

Your 2nd District US Representative, Renee Ellmers, was the keynote speaker at a recent Brunswick County Republican Women meeting. Several members were appalled at Ms. Ellmers’ claim that ObamaCare could not be defunded through the Continuing Resolution.  She proved her own statement false by her recent vote to do just that.  So was she lying or just misinformed?  Since she was a healthcare professional and ran on a platform opposing Obamacare, lying to people who supported her is so fundamentally wrong, it defies words.  If she was misinformed for weeks (she had plenty of time during the August Congressional recess to learn the history of excluding some mandatory spending from the CR as done since 1976) one would have to conclude she’s incompetent. The 2nd District NC voters must find a formidable conservative candidate who is truthful and principled.  They must primary Renee Ellmers. We need to defund this unworkable, unfair and un-American law known as ObamaCare, and Republicans need to LEAD on the issue instead of MIS-leading their constituents. Send Renee packing!

Ginny Quaglia-HS wideGinny Quaglia is a conservative activist and public speaker.  Quaglia was awarded the Brunswick Beacon 1st amendment award in 2012 and named activist of the month by Heritage Action in May of 2012.  She resides in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.