Letter to the Editor submitted to the Star News, the Brunswick Beacon and the State Port Pilot.

The bipartisan majority of Americans want Obamacare stopped, and the House is trying to do just that, yet Democrats won’t fund government without it. Nor will they budge as the House proposes bills to fund other essential government functions in the meantime. The fact that Obama went out of his way to close privately owned and operated war memorials shows his pettiness. The Democrats’ refusal to grant exemption to 200 child cancer patients participating in vital R&D shows their heartless indifference.  They won’t budge on making taxpayers subsidize their healthcare and giving exemptions to Big Business. Every day of the shutdown reveals their true elitist colors. Michelle’s boogie website is up while Amber Alert is down.  90-year-old veterans are threatened with arrest for visiting their memorials by otherwise absent staff.  This is not the party of compassion, it is the party of tyranny.  True to their roots, Democrats are still the party of slavery and Obamacare the newest form.  They are totally out of touch with the American people, the ones that Obamacare hurts most of all and who are stuck paying the bill. The people have been raising their voices against Obamacare, and the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate with the House is a refusal to listen to the people, on both sides of the isle, who hired them. We are citizens, not peasants living under feudalism, slaving for nobles and begging them for favor. Thank you to those reps holding the line against the party of slavery.