You don’t have to be particularly religious to note that marriage has always and everywhere been between a man and a woman, from the greatest ancient civilizations to the most primitive tribes.  It pre-dates Christ, Christianity and every formal religion and has existed regardless of religious belief or practice.  This is not a religious issue, no matter how much the anti-Christians scream.  Same-sex unions don’t exist in the animal kingdom where all behavior is instinctual and mating is strictly about reproduction.  There is something we recognize in accord with nature and though homosexuality may have always existed, it has always been considered out of the norm.  Marriage is a contract that benefits society, not just the couple, and it’s the only promise we have that provides for the safety and security of children no matter how difficult the circumstances.  What is the good in gay marriage?  What is the benefit to society?

To change the way the law recognizes marriage is just another step toward the goal of destroying the moral foundations that make America the freest and most prosperous country in the world.  It is also an effort to subjugate free religious practice to the government.  If everything is relative and nothing means anything, the people are easier to control and free societies can be destroyed.  Much of this destruction has already been achieved through the promotion of promiscuity, homosexual behavior, the praise and protection of illegitimacy and abortion, and the maligning of religious believers (except Muslims).  Lenin said America could not be destroyed in outright war because America’s greatest strength is not its military.  Its greatest strength is its moral fabric, the foundation of which is the nuclear family and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.  Therefore, he said, America would have to be destroyed from within, by her own people.  One of the ways this could be accomplished was by demoralization: Destroying marriage, diminishing the role of the father in families, making divorce easy, promoting homosexuality and pornography.

Here in the land of the free, you can live with whomever you please.  You can screw whomever you want as long as your partner’s not a minor.  You can put anyone in your will, add anyone to your retirement plan, and give anyone hospital visitation rights.  So let’s stop the hysterical screaming about what bigots pro-DOMA/Amendment 1 folks are, and let’s stop pretending this is about equality.  This is about the destruction of marriage, whether pro-gay-marriage advocates know it or not.  Many don’t.

It’s somewhat strange that gay marriage has become a hot topic for advocacy in the last couple of years when civil unions had already been accepted.  Most gays had previously scoffed at marriage as an archaic, patriarchal, slavishly dependent institution.  Do they suddenly recognize that marriage is good?  Do they really all of a sudden want in, or is this about something more, something destructive?  Just like the race-baiting being pushed on us since 2008, this is about creating division, hate and discontent.  We’re in the country where we live in peace regardless of orientation.  It’s not like gays are being stoned in the streets, hung or denied anything they need.  Gays have as much legal recourse as anyone else if crimes are committed against them.  Marriage is not a civil rights issue.  This is about fostering division and conflict to distract from the real enemy.  The real enemy replaces America once this destruction is complete.  Under Communism gays were imprisoned, beaten and worse.  In Islamic states they are put to death.

Many think they are opposing prejudice and bigotry by opposing DOMA and advocating for gay marriage.  What they’re really doing, perhaps unbeknownst to them, is helping to destroy the society that protects them more than any other.  It is the fabric that makes America the freest country in the world.