Today I’m especially grateful for the corporations who, cheaply and easily make these wonderful things readily available to me: My toothpaste and toothbrush. Deodorant.  Dear BAND-AID, thank you for making BANDAIDS.  My dear dear pharmaceutical companies, thank you for making the medication that keeps me, post-cancer, from dying.  My dear dear BFI trash disposal corporation!  Thank you so much for investing in 8 trucks when you started because you saw the need for trash to be removed and you thought, “I can do that.”  It made you a millionaire to do this for us, well done!  I hope you’re enjoying your life after setting the standard of service and improving everyone’s lives.  And to that engineer and entrepreneur who discovered refrigeration and created the refrigerator and air conditioning, who became so successful and the South is a habitable place to live instead of an inferno in the summers!  Thank you so much, you deserve every penny you made for coming up with that idea and making it available, given our free market system, to everyone.

Dear Steve Jobs, I know you’re up there! Thank you!  We have benefited so much from your competition to create the best computers and programs!  Now even the poorest among us have computers and cell phones!  And my dear Henry Ford, thank you!  Because of you, even the poorest among us have an average of 1.5 cars.  It’s how many of us have done much of our traveling and accomplished so much, and now vehicles are safer and better all the time, with standards ever increasing because of the high demand.  And Kevlar!  Thank you, Dupont, for developing Kevlar!  And my dear food-growing corporations, I’m so grateful for you, you take the time and care to grow and deliver the produce that enables me to eat healthfully and cheaply every day.  Corporations are not the enemy of the people, they’re the result of the human beings who’ve made the stuff we use that keeps us warm, safe, dry and fed with high mortality rates.

The government didn’t come up with polio vaccine, the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher, the x-ray machine.  You want for nothing because of capitalism, you can go out and create whatever you want because of capitalism.  You can come from nothing and be a millionaire.  The government will never be able to do that for you.  The government will never know better what to do with your life and your money and your medical decisions than you.  Everything the government takes over fails.  But the doublethink cycle is complete.  You’ve grown up in the public school systems, where the schools take their cues from the ivy leagues, and the ivy leagues invite Ahmadinejad for dinner.  You’ve never learned to make anything, to do anything, or to think outside the global warming consensus.  You went with what you felt over what you read.  Who can blame you?