What has gotten us to the point where a speech like the one that Bibi Netanyahu made is rare?  He was clear, articulate, respectful and strong.  He has put his life on the line and seen men die fighting tyranny and terrorism, he understands what is at stake.  “No” he said, sure and clear – we will not compromise with an enemy who will make no compromise of its own, who wants nothing but our destruction.

This was as close as I’ve seen lately to the kind of statesmanship that Churchill or Lincoln demonstrated during their times.  We have a few wonderfully strong articulate Conservative voices in public office like Chris Christie (and still, he’s no Lincoln, Reagan, or Churchill).  So many Republicans fail to be true voices of Conservatism once they are elected.  In an attempt to seem cooperative and forward-thinking (or maybe it’s just money, power and blackmail) they compromise and compromise until Republican is indistinguishable from Democrat, to the detriment of the entire country.  But we have real and positive differences to offer.

As a Marine and Veteran of the war in Iraq, I want at our helm those who understand that it is important to stand up and fight against those who would kill anyone who does not believe as they do.  The sacrifices we have made in fighting the War on Terror were not in vain.  I don’t want to be lead by those who would declare as Joe Biden did that “this war is lost” or that we in the military are murderers and rapists, not to mention dumb, as John Kerry said.

As a survivor of Thyroid Cancer I want to govern my own health care decisions.  I don’t want to be represented by those who would hastily pass a bill we can’t afford, saying, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.”  Not only that, I want not to be taxed to death so that I can use my hard-earned money toward a better life, including my medical care.

As an independent free and outspoken woman I am truly scared to be represented by anyone who has no objection to the building of the mosque at Ground Zero by the same folks who wish to have Sharia in their and our communities.  The same people who would cow-tow to the foreign despots with whom they sympathize.  Equality under the law is a paramount tenet of the American Founding, and women fought so hard for representation and protection in this country.  It is what the women of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan wish they had.

As a Jew I’m frankly horrified by a president who would suggest Israel go back to the ’67 borders.  I want our leader in chief not to bend to those who, no matter how much land Israel gives up still want nothing but to destroy Israel and the Jews rather than to live in peace together.  That’s me they want to “push into the sea” as Ahmadinejad has proclaimed so often.  Whom do you think is next, once the Jews are eliminated?

The Tea Party movements in their various forms arose because Conservatives like me were fed up with status-quo Republicans who failed to stop all the bad policy that has gotten us to where we are today.  We speak, write, rally and vote even knowing we’ll be derided as racists, homophobes and xenophobes for wanting smaller government, strong foreign policy, lower taxes and a return to  the family values that are the fabric of a strong, free and great society.  We want our elected officials to disappoint

So who are our Chruchills today?  Who understands the high stakes and is willing to say and do what is right, though it may be unpopular?  When Churchill said “We cannot let Germany re-arm,” he was mocked as a war-monger while Neville Chamberlain was championed as a hero of peace.  But he was determined and he knew he was right when being wrong meant a new German Master Race.  Today there is another adversary wanting to be the Master Race, and it isn’t the United States of America.  We have a failing economy, determined jihadists worldwide, and an out-of-control government.  Who will stand up to do the hard but right thing?