Americans know intrinsically that the Amnesty bill is a disaster waiting to happen that will destroy this country.  No matter Mark Zuckerberg’s “Americans for a Conservative Direction” ad propaganda and the like attempts at persuasion from Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8.  There are no real mandates for border security, no plans for properly handling and deporting criminals.  We have 20 million Americans out of work – disproportionately veterans and minorities.  Millions have lost their homes.  There is no regard for the even-more millions of jobs that will be lost by citizens and legal immigrants to cheap illegal labor.  There is no plan for how to enforce these tens of millions learning English or the other criteria for legalization, no realistic consideration for the cost of adding and training additional staff to handle the heavily increased demand.   The fine illegals will have to pay is not nearly what most legal immigrants pay over the course of years, travels, time and ink spent on the process – after having declared the actual desire to become American citizens and proved income stability, health and passed background checks.  That’s aside from the flagrant dereliction that let the Tsarnaev brothers through.  The millions whose first act in America was to break the law will not go to the back of the line, they will live as they have been: ignoring our laws and taking advantage of taxpayer-funded services.  Our U.S. Immigration personnel already can’t handle their current responsibilities, and our border and law enforcement agents are prevented from enforcing current law.  Americans past, present and future see this bill as the catastrophe it is.  Votes that push it through will be an albatross around each representative’s neck in 2014 and far beyond.

If they cared about securing the border, they would have a bill just for that and do it.  Build the fence.  Put the boots on the ground and arm them with bullets, not just bean bags.  Don’t apologize for it – we just suffered the Boston Marathon bombing.  If they were truly compassionate they would push for more scrutiny of immigrants coming to the U.S. and give no quarter to criminals.  But they won’t even ensure that our current laws are enforced, yielding and passive in the face of Janet Napolitano’s catch-and-release policy.  When Sequestration was the hot topic thousands of illegal alien criminals were released in its name, and those supposedly conservative Republicans pushing for Amnesty now didn’t stop it.  Nor did they stop the cuts that only managed to affect the military – those who would enforce border security – and tours of the White House.  The National Endowment for the Arts is thriving with narry a budgetary cut in sight.  Big bird?  Still getting paid.

Some Republicans are claiming Amnesty is the conservative thing to do, but such arguments rang false even before the Boston bombing.  As defenders of the Constitution, they are supposed to protect citizens – we are of all races and backgrounds.  Now they want to entrust with 14-30 million (depending whom you ask) more people the same US Immigration bozos who ignored Russia’s warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers twice and let them in…and out and in again before they bombed innocent civilians in a foot race?

If Amnesty passes, pleading diversity and compassion will mean less than nothing.  Voting in support of the Gang of 8 will show anything but compassion for the American citizens who hired them and pay salary, and the legal immigrants who followed the law.  They will be held responsible – by both parties and all races, citizens and non- – for the further and faster destruction of the economy and our security, with each strike from a foreign jihadist on their hands.  What they should be spending their time holding responsible those involved in the myriad of Obama administration scandals:  The IRS’ political targeting of conservatives, the NSA’s PRISM spying program, the Benghazi cover-up, the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal, and they should initiate a congressional inquiry on the Extortion 17 shoot-down.

The failure of the FARM bill which so many Republicans were hot to support shows that all is not completely lost in Washington.  Does this mean common sense will prevail?  So many RINOs seem to be turning a deaf ear to their conservative constituents while claiming to be conservative.  Conservatism sure matters to them when they’re running.  What’s ironic is that in supporting the Gang of 8’s Amnesty plan they would be destroying the very country in which they’ve prospered so far.  They are pushing the same policies that failed yesterday – the policies that fail every time because a bad idea will yield bad results regardless of who’s executing.  With porous borders open for suicide bombers we can’t afford to repeat these mistakes.  We know this won’t work and we will pay with our liberty, our livelihoods and our lives.

Despite the constant barrage of bad proposals, false advertising, and continued arrogance from Republicans and Democrats alike, we the people are still sovereign.  So are our votes.  Neither will be if the Gang of 8’s plan passes.  This article is being rewritten as a letter to every representative I can contact.  I hope you will do this too.  Borrow from this piece, I don’t mind.  Call them, visit their offices.  The vote hasn’t happened yet and there is still time to sound off.  Continue to educate yourself for each time this same bad proposal comes up (the documentary linked below is a great place to start).  Demand that your representatives focus on their duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.   That is their first oath.  We must hold them to it!

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