As I listened to Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama give eulogies for the men killed in the embassy attacks last week I grew more sick to my stomach with each word.  The first thing out of her mouth was that it was a “difficult week for the state department…”  Really?  That’s the first entity for which the heinous attacks were *ahem* difficult?!  She went on to say that the countries in which these attacks took place “did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob.”  Maybe you thought so, Hil, when you were over there orchestrating the Arab “spring,” but so many of us in the real world noted that while Mubarak was a relative moderate and long-time ally of both the United States and Israel, the Muslim Brotherhood was a ferocious band of radical Islamists who care neither for peace nor human rights, let alone diplomatic relations.  Ditto for Qaddafi in Libya.

The words that followed from Obama ring hollow, as do all his words, as he talked about bringing to justice those who perpetrated this violence.  Really?  You’ll “stand fast” will you, Barry?  It was your flimsy policies that brought us here as you sidled up to every tyrant on the Middle-Eastern block and turned your back on our allies from Poland to Israel.  You’re pulling out, not standing fast let alone going in to show that we won’t tolerate such violence.  Have fun at your campaign fundraising events while Eurasia burns and our borders are wide open.

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Christopher Stevens, did not “give” their lives.  Their lives were forcefully ripped away, execution style by a bunch of medieval rabble who hate us because we stand for freedom and against the oppression that they inflict – from honor killings to throwing acid in women’s faces to pedophilia to denying women their G-d-given rights.  Stevens was a champion for the Libyans who gave them everything they wanted.  What did that achieve?  And you say violence never solved anything?  What has diplomacy solved  that violence didn’t have to rectify later?