In the buildup to World War II, many in Europe thought that the Nazi ideas of socialism could work, and that Hitler was a charismatic leader who meant them no harm.  Churchill was called a warmonger for his stance that Germany should not be able to arm and for his opposition to Hitler’s demonization of the Jews.  Hitler painted himself as an advocate for peace, even as he was drawing plans to take over Europe and exterminate the Jews.  After surviving the first World War, many were justifiably loathe to enter into another.  They didn’t want to believe that another war was impending, or that one rogue nation wanted to take over, subjugate and purge all the others.  They were soon to see how wrong they were.

1941 Anti-war poster

Anti-war advocates are apt to acknowledge that we had to fight the Nazis, and yet today cannot acknowledge that there are still the same legitimate reasons to fight real enemies of freedom.  During and after WWII, both conscientious objectors and Nazi sympathizers would have to answer to their unwillingness to fight or their sympathy toward the murderous enemy.  “Conscies” were often stigmatized in their communities, and Nazi sympathizers rightly treated with outright anger and disdain.

Hitler claimed to be offering solutions to the downtrodden, to be an advocate for peace and progress.  His actions showed that he was really a bloodthirsty dictator intent on being the head of a new master race.  Some saw him for what he was, the Nazis for what they were, but others said there was no threat.

History will look back on 21st century and see, as many do today, that Ahmadinejad and jihadists are the Hitler and Nazis of our time.  Just so, all those who fail to stand against them, and more who defend Islam as a religion of peace will be seen like the Nazi sympathizers of World War II.  Our president and the Left are those sympathizers today.

Just as Hitler and the Nazis demonized the Jews as the cause of Germany’s economic woes, so Obama and his party demonize the entrepreneurs and any Republican or Conservative as evil and the source of our financial crises and social injustice.  And just as the Nazis came up with all sorts of lies and distortions to paint Jews as evil and inferior, so Obama and his party have tried to paint, whites, the wealthy and Christians (and Jews) as hateful, corrupt and backwards.

1930s Union Pledge Peace poster

The future will look back on the early 21st century and see that while Liberals claimed to be for peace, they said nothing if the president making war was in their own party.  They will see that no matter how much Ahmadinejad proclaimed his genocidal intentions, the Left ignored him, just as Hitler’s words were ignored until it was too late, the bombs were already falling and the troops were already marching.

The future will see that just as Churchill was demonized as a warmonger for opposing Hitler and Chamberlain was championed as a broker of peace, the early 21st century Left attacked those who were fighting for freedom and human rights against child-raping, suicide-bombing Islamists, soldiers even punished for fighting that fight, while Obama is lauded as some kind of peacemaker though he has done nothing to but disempower the United States and her allies to fight the real warmongers of our time.

They will see that while the Left claimed to be for women’s rights in particular and human rights in general, they studiously ignored the women and children who were subjugated, abused, raped, had acid thrown in their faces, and murdered according to the faith of Islam.

But History will see the Left as fools and hypocrites for much more than their defense of Islam in America and their claim that the US is the cause of Islamofascism.

The future will look back and see that while the Left claimed to be for the poor, they did everything they could to stop cheap and efficient energy production while forcing the world into inefficient and expensive energy sources that only the rich could afford.  And while their party controlled all branches of government, the whole economy continued its steep decline.

They will see that while the Left claimed to be against corruption and crony capitalism, their president favored his wealthy donors and tax evaders with cabinet and other political positions, gave billions to favored Big businesses and presided over the least transparent administration in the country’s history.

They’ll see that while the Left claimed to be against bullying, they had no problem with voter intimidation by groups like the New Black Panthers, and they had no problem bullying even children who criticized the president’s policies.

WWII Anti-Christian Nazi poster

They will see that though the Left claimed to want the “separation of church and state,” they had nothing to say about the Middle Eastern theocracies, nor the increasing drive toward implementing Sharia, Islam’s religious law, in America.  The future looking back will wonder how the Left could not oppose opening with the Islamic jummah prayer at the Democrat National Convention.  And while giving extremist Muslism a pass, the Left viciously attacked Christianity, the religion of “turn the other cheek,” whose followers gave the most to help the poor and destitute.

As the future looks back on a scene like the Code Pink group absurdly protesting the Grand Old Party’s convention, they’ll wonder why the Pinkers didn’t go to a local Islamic center or the Democrat National Convention and sing their song about “where all the world has human rights.”

They will see that though the Left screamed about the intrusive wire-tapping of the  Patriot Act during the Bush years, they had nothing to say when Obama continued that same wire-tapping, and went further by taking away the citizens’ rights of habeas corpus.

They will see that though the Left mouthed the words of equal rights to life, liberty and happiness, they fought fiercely to ensure that women could deny their babies those rights, killing them at any stage of pregnancy and even after birth, and studiously ignored the Islamic theocracies that kill gays as a rule.

Obama bows to Saudi King, 2009

But this is 2012, where the Dalai Llama and the president of Israel, the tiny Democracy in the Middle East are made to go through the back door of the White House while our president bows to and kisses the hands of dictators and welcomes the Muslim Brotherhood into the Oval office.  The Muslim Brotherhood, who in Egypt recently tried to pass law based on the Quran that would allow men to have sex with their dead wives.

This is 2012, where the president’s followers adore him like a cult leader.  Just as Hitler was charismatic and persuasive, so is Obama, and just as some thought Nazi ideas of socialism should work, so does the Left today.  I’m not saying that Obama is a murderous dictator.  That position is squarely held by Ahmadinejad.  The future will see Obama more like the fool Chamberlain, a man who got the peace prize though he did nothing to earn it, a man who mouthed platitudes about peace who did nothing to stop war and everything to weaken his country to fight a bloodthirsty, anti-humanitarian enemy.

It doesn’t matter how corrupt Obama is, how many lobbyists he grants positions of political leadership to, how much he divides the country, how he supports those who subjugate women and children, how many people lose their homes and jobs and go on food stamps, or how many lies he tells.  The followers still bend their minds into pretzels justifying him.

Thankfully, a lot of folks are waking from their zombie fog.  They’re looking at their own bottom line, comparing what Obama said yesterday to what he says and does today.  They see that they’re not better off, that race relations are worse than ever in most of our lifetimes, that Obama is dividing and destroying the country.

For those who remain unconvinced, or twist their minds into pretzels convincing themselves that the clean-as-a-whistle Romney-Ryan duo is somehow worse, there is no hope.  They won’t be persuaded, they have to be defeated, just like Nazi’s and their sympathizers.