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Conservatives: Doing the Work Establishment GOP Just Won’t Do

Defunding Obamacare, continuing resolution, government shutdown, the incompetence circus of the Obamacare launch.  The Fall rollercoaster on the Hill has been quite something to watch, and also very instructive.  We have learned just how spineless John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and the other Senate Republicans really are.  We have learned that they will studiously ignore 70% of the American people who have been communicating their opposition to Obamacare through every means at their disposal.  We have seen that they care only for their own power and money, and nothing for the constituents they represent.  We have seen just how vicious they can become when that power, the Establishment status quo, is reminded that they do not rule the citizens, the sovereign American citizen grants them representative duties.  And we take them away, too.

cruz-vs-establishment-600Establishment Republicans can’t stand what Senator Ted Cruz did when he stood on the Senate floor and vigorously articulated the problems with Obamacare because it contrasted their own greed and cowardice so obviously. From its unconstitutionality, to the unfairness of exemptions and subsidies, to its negative impact on the economy and healthcare, and everyday Americans, Cruz made the conservative argument the whole Republican party should have been making.  Imagine if the rest of his party had done the same!  Imagine if they had spent as much time and energy supporting the man doing the right thing as they did attacking, undermining, and opposing him.  Imagine too, if they had spent as much time and energy working to persuade Democrats to vote with them to defund what Max Baucus (D-MT), the author, called the law: “a train wreck.”  Making the conservative case, it would hardly matter that the media is the Left’s propaganda machine.  They wouldn’t be able to contain it.  Cruz took the conservative message to the people, and many heard him. It was powerful, and the gutless Republicans hate that.

While trashing the Tea Party (which is to say everyday conservative-leaning Americans), the GOP amoebas keep telling that same group to deliver them the majority and then they will fight to stop Obamacare.  We all know that now that it’s in, it will be all but impossible to stop it.  The near-impossible is hardly the specialty of today’s GOP.  And what will they do when the inevitable argument comes that, yes, the whole thing is a catastrophe – the solution is a one-payer system?  Will they fight to open us to a free market solution instead?  No.  They don’t want to stop Obamacare.  They want to control it.  Obamacare is a cancer that needs to be cut out before it can spread, and the House did its Constitutional duty by using the power of the purse to deny funding.  The rest just showed us their utter cowardice and indifference to the will of the people and their own oath of office.  They wrapped themselves with blame for the shutdown long before it happened in order to point the finger at the real conservatives in the party.  But the real conservatives are not to blame for the shutdown any more than they’re responsible for Obamacare itself.  They are the ones doing the right thing, and the ones doing the wrong thing despise it.

Whatever the Boehners, McConnells, McCains and Jeb Bushes are saying, you can bet doing the opposite will put the country on the right track.  Jeb says we need to step back and cool it, so what we really need to do is bring the heat vigorously and constantly.  Remember that when they are telling you to cool it, they are saying cool the fight for liberty in the face of tyranny.  Cool your jets on the fight against Obamacare, the newest form of slavery.  HELL NO WE WON’T.

If you are a conservative and you’re not being attacked by liberals and squishy Republicans, you’re doing it wrong.  Winston Churchill was called a warmonger, among many other slurs, for opposing Hitler, while Neville Chamberlain was given hero’s praise for appeasing him.  Who would you rather have been?   Who will you be today?  So keep doing the work Establishment Republicans won’t do.  Keep bringing the heat against them.  Raise your voice.  Write your ink dry.  Call and email your reps and bug the hell out of them.  They are accountable to YOU.  And support people like Senators Cruz, Lee, and Rand Paul who are actually upholding their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  They’re leaving it all on the field to preserve liberty for all of us.  Thank them.

Persuasion, Not Pandering

As the GOP struggles with “rebranding” and how they can turn around the 2012 defeat and win the future the answer is simple.  It has nothing to do with any particular group or moving farther left – those are the same ideas that have failed the Republicans for years.  Instead of pandering to individual groups the GOP should focus on spreading the truth that conservative policy benefits all people – regardless of sex, race, economic status, origin, preference, favorite color.

Lower taxes benefit everyone: keep more of your own money and do what you want with it.  A black gay business owner benefits from keeping more of his hard-earned cash just as much as a straight white working mom.  The enforcement of our immigration laws benefit all citizens present and future – especially minorities trying to work in Obama’s failed economy, and especially legal immigrants who abided by our laws so that they could be protected by our laws.  Strong borders and foreign policy protect all citizens regardless of what may come before the hyphenated “XYZ-American.”

Gun rights provide that every law-abiding citizen regardless of background is able to defend themselves – be it against home invasion or tyranny.  Traditional social values strengthen society for all – even those who choose not to live by them.  The same for religion – the whole society benefits from the freedom to practice their faith and Judeo-Christian values – whether or not they practice or believe in any faith at all.  Constitutional law and Conservative values protect and elevate women and minorities, they give children the best chance for stability and success, the poor a better chance to get out of poverty, and they strengthen society as a whole so that all have a chance at success and happiness.

Despite the myth of diversity hucksters, it’s not what makes us different that brings us together – it’s what we have in common that unites us.  Our differences are what make things interesting and these can even help us shore up our weaknesses, but the whole point of equality under the law is that no group gets special treatment or special rights.  We’re all equal in our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – however we define it.  The Constitution doesn’t define what makes you happy and neither does conservative policy.  Meanwhile, leftist Democrats try to tell you what you need or don’t need – buy this lightbulb; can’t buy that sized drink; you don’t need that kind of gun; you need to pay for someone else.

The GOP has yet to harness the beauty of the uniquely American guarantee of our inalienable rights.  The guarantee of Liberty! That is what created the foundation for the most diverse country in the world boasting some of the world’s greatest inventions, discoveries and successes by people of every stripe and shape.  It doesn’t matter who you are, who you were, where you came from, what sex you are or what color your skin.  Your rights are protected under the law and there are basically no restrictions on what you can do with your life – whatever effort you are willing to put into it as long as you’re not harming another.  Conservative ideals and policies are freedom-loving while left-wing policies are all about imposing restrictions on others.  This is easy to show and the GOP should exploit it at every turn.

Expose the hypocrisy of leftists championing freedom of speech while stifling it in the public school systems.  Show the hypocrisy of their promotion of European socialism while every country under such economies is going bankrupt before our eyes.  Shed light on the hypocrisy of the claim to be for the little guy and against crony capitalism while giving their favored “green” companies sweet taxpayer funded billion-dollar grants to produce nothing.  Display the hypocrisy of those who will scream about a “right” to abortion but are against capital punishment and all about more gun-control laws in the name of protecting children.  Show the hypocrisy of leftists who are against Americans being able to practice their faith and own guns but demand no judgment on extremist Muslims who perform honor killings and mass murder according to their faith.  Illustrate the double standard of a party that shouts “War on Women!” while they’re silent about the violence against women endemic in Islam as Sharia is increasingly being insinuated into our court systems.

The GOP also needs to recapture the spirit of its great heritage: ending slavery, championing equal and voting rights for blacks, desegregation, women’s suffrage and equal pay for equal work just to name a few.

Every time Republicans lose they say they need to be more like their opposition to win, but that’s the same failed thinking that keeps losing them elections.  The GOP doesn’t need to be more like the opposition, they need to be more persuasive than the opposition.  It’s no easy task when they control the media and make most of the music and movies.  But naming the right goal would be a good start.  We’re Americans: black, white, gay, straight, guy, gal, young and old.  We all eat, sleep, breathe and bleed, and we all want a better life for our children.  The Democrat party is divisive.  Let the GOP be uniting – not by pandering to individual groups, but by appealing to what we all hold in common despite our differences.

Contrasts: Liars Ramble, the Truth is Simple

Let’s hear it for the most entertaining event in the political season so far!  And a long-awaited comeuppance for our dictator-in-chief!

Romney handled Obama soundly, with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.  He deftly combated BO’s constant lies and mischaracterizations about his economic plans, and you would see that twinkle every time Obama launched one, as if he was thinking “You’re making this too easy!”  Meanwhile Obama rambled on ad nauseum with “explanations” that made no sense, fumed as Romney trounced him, and whined for help to the pathetic sputtering Jim Lehrer.

Romney kept bringing it back to simple points that make sense to regular folks, and that’s the key to getting the votes – giving the people information that rings true and is verifiable.

As I watched I couldn’t help but be reminded of the contrast between Whitaker Chambers and Alger Hiss during the 1948 Chambers-Hiss trial in which Hiss, who had been working in the State department, was found to be a working member of the Communist underground in America.  Chambers, having worked closely with Hiss during his own time working for the Communist underground, was trying to stop the Communist apparatus by exposing it.

The beginning of the case hinged on something simple: Chambers accused Hiss, Hiss pretended not to recognize Chambers.  While Chambers’ answers to the committee’s questions were simple and direct, rarely more than a line as one reads the transcripts, Hiss went on for paragraph after paragraph creating as much subterfuge as possible.

Take this example from when the committee was ascertaining whether or not Hiss knew Chambers.  They showed him a photograph which he’d seen many times before.  He knew it was Chambers but he postponed “recognizing” him for as long as he could get away with it:

“Mr. Hiss: It looks like the very same man I had seen in the other pictures, and I see Mr. Mundt and him in the same picture.  The face is definitely not an unfamiliar face. Whether I am imagining it, whether it is because he looks like a lot of other people, I don’t know, but I have never known anyone who had the relationship with me that this man has testified to and that, I think, is the important thing here, gentlemen.  This man may have known me, he may have been in my house.  I have had literally hundreds of people in my house in the course of the time I lived in Washington.  The issue is not whether this man knew me and I don’t remember him.  The issue is whether he had a particular conversation that he has said he had with me and which I have denied and whether I am a member of the Communist Party or ever was…” (emphasis mine).*

This is one of the shorter examples.  All this mind-numbing discourse rather than a simple “No, I don’t know this man.”

It was the same runaround with every piece of evidence brought against Hiss proving he was working for the Communist underground.  In the end, he was proved to have been lying about the whole thing, everything Chambers had said was the truth.  When one reads the account, Hiss’ tactic is obvious.  Someone who is telling the truth doesn’t have to go round-about.

I have a hunch about American voters.  I think things reach people on a visceral level.  Obama’s negative ads are transparent, he has to lie to make his point while Romney just has to put what Obama says today next to what he said yesterday.  Obama has to concoct a crazy story about a guy who’s wife died of cancer many years after he worked at one of Romney’s companies, while Romney just has to point at what Obama did yesterday.

Despite the media’s coddling and protection of Obama against any hard questions or responsibility for his policies, words and actions, I think a majority of the people are seeing through him.  At a certain point, people can see how negative Obama is, and how positive Romney is by contrast.  Despite what many would like to believe about Obama as successful, at some point no matter what the television says, we look at our own bottom line.  We see that our food, medical, gas and other costs continue to rise, our savings and home values continue to plummet, our freedoms of speech and conscience are disintegrating, and nothing is improving.

After a while, people can instinctually see the contrast of a rambling liar against simple clarity.

This first debate certainly didn’t disappoint, and I for one and thoroughly looking forward to laughing at Joe Biden during next week’s vice-presidential debate!  Bring it on!

*Chambers, Whitaker. Witness. Illinois: Regnery Gateway Inc., 1952


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