Democrats once again are pushing to add drafting women to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. Drafting women, like putting them in combat units, is bad for all: combat, national security, women, and men. That women who volunteer for military service can now join combat units doesn’t negate the following:

It’s not a rights issue. Men and women are equal under constitutional law. It’s about victory in physical warfare. The draft is for replacing massive casualties on the frontlines in a national crisis beyond the scope of our volunteer force. It’s not for support jobs.

Repealing women’s combat exemption doesn’t repeal biology. Men and women aren’t the same physically. Women don’t have an equal opportunity to survive direct combat against men. Even outstanding women aren’t interchangeable with infantrymen. As it is active-duty women average two to ten times the injuries compared to men even before men’s standards or even harder infantry standards. This means higher liability to units that have to be the strongest, fastest and most ferocious.

Women and men also are not physically equal performers. The Marines 3-year $36milluon study aimed to prove they were, but male teams outdid coeds in 69% of infantry tasks. That was coed teams with top-performing female Marines against teams of average male Marines, and the draft won’t be recruiting top performers.
Already low standards will be lowered more.

Women are also higher-value targets to our enemies for propaganda and much worse. When I served on checkpoints in Fallujah the intel was that insurgents target U.S. military women more than men. The risks aren’t equal.

To go through millions of registrants to find the 1 in 10 or 20 women who make minimums but would still have 2 to ten times the injury risk would be a huge waste for little ROI. It’d be a bureaucratic nightmare in the heat of a national crisis. Disaster for diversity’s sake.

Many pushing this are the first to cut military funding and the types that call us returning vets “the next most likely terrorists.” They don’t care about national security, winning war, veterans or women. They care about woke ideology, government control, federalizing all the things.

Women like me have always volunteered during wartime and served with honor. We always will and we want our military to WIN against our enemies. Drafting women will mean sky-high turnover in a crisis, reduced combat effectiveness, and fewer of both men and women coming home alive & victorious.

Our peer adversaries aren’t putting women in their combat units. They want to be as lethal as possible. We should too. Drafting women for combat would be a terrible policy. Tell your reps #DontDraftOurDaughters U.S Capitol phone: 202/224-3121 Capitol website:

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