There is nothing compassionate about making people helpless.  Where laws are unenforced and our rights are impeded, we’re reduced to survival of the fittest where the weak are at the mercy of the strong.  This is true from unrestricted illegal immigration to gun control.  There is nothing compassionate about letting people flow through our borders unchecked and unvetted.  It endangers both citizens and immigrants alike.  We know neither the motivations nor backgrounds nor health of those coming in unless they go through the process, a process my husband went through to earn citizenship.  There is nothing compassionate about disarming us.  It only puts us at the mercy of criminals and results in more innocents killed.  That our immigration laws and border have been ignored is the very reason we are now faced with the need for a moratorium on immigration entirely, both in light of the Paris massacre Friday and because ISIS is already here having come through our porous borders.  Had we been enforcing our laws all this time we would be in a better position to take in genuine refugees if we wanted to – and to guarantee protection from the oppression and violence they’re fleeing.  Enforcing these laws has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with the preservation of the very things that make people want to come here.  So too the right to self-defense has nothing to do with “gun culture” and everything to do with self-preservation which covers people of all colors.  It is the weak who have the greatest need for protection that benefit the most from enforced law and the right to self-defense.  Where these are lacking, we’re all at the mercy of force.