Who will stand for me
In the lawless land
When appeasement leads to slaughter?
To the whim of the brutal?
As Hitler rose
as it is with tyrants
appeasers and the
enabled holocaust

But this is not an abstract question
Long gone the luxury of ignorance
Of wondering how atrocity got so far back then
Would you have spoken up?
Stopped Nazism before it spread?
Would you have stood for me then?
Stopped them from taking me
To the trains?

Today you apologize for terror
We can’t name them
We can’t blame them
We can’t stop them
So broad minded and tolerant
“The enemy is us” while
they sing songs of
of bathing their hands
In the blood of the Jews
That’s me they mean
Not some someone far away
Your friend
the red-headed minstrel
the one you imagined with
played and walked and talked with
The one who left to fight
Because Never again
They said
But you’re next,
You long lost scalliwags
Floating in everything’s relative
You’re a nonbeliever too
Serving me up first
Just means
You’re a later course
In the meal