Victory is sweet, and the first presidential debate of 2012 was wonderfully instructive for so many reasons, most of all for showcasing Obama’s utter lack of talent and intelligence.

If Obama was as charismatic and brilliant as his followers and the media have hammered into us that he is, shouldn’t he have been able to master that debate and turned it to his favor with ease?  Without the media’s protection, both their refusal to ask him difficult questions or call him on his dismal record, and their gushing praise over his every syllable without criticism, Obama can’t perform.  He isn’t even as adept as Slick Willy himself on the stage.

Those poor Obama believers.  They thought he was brilliant, that he could save the world, lower the sea levels, conquer enemy Republicans with one hand tied behind his back.  They thought nothing could ruffle him, that he was just so talented all he had to do was exist and he would triumph.  But The Force, alas, is not with Barry after all.

Rose-colored glasses are shattering and it’s like watching a religious cult realize their leader is a fraud, or watching the shock of realizing what your favorite model looks like in sweats without makeup.  He sold them dreams from his father…or not.

Genius, like un-airbrushed beauty, is rare.  Watching the man who proclaimed himself a genius melt into a puddle of frothy indignation and embarrassment?  Oooohhh so satisfying.   The debate was a reveal for many wearing those glasses, but it just exposed the obvious to those of us who’ve been paying attention.  We’ve been opposing his terrible policies and unconstitutional power-grabs.  I personally have thought his speeches are vacuous, not awe-inspiring.  We’ve always known Obama was a puppet propped up and made over by a pampering, super-indulgent media and supporters.  Now a few more people realize it too.

Though his helpers in the news rooms are already working to change the story, they can’t take back the utter coming-apart-at-the-seams that occurred post-debate, where even the likes of Chris Matthews admitted Obama was an utter flop.  Even the race-card can’t be played here – will they try to say that anyone who saw what a complete failure Obama was is a racist?  They can make up all sorts of excuses, but the people saw Obama for what he is: a fake.

Obama and his ilk have been fooling some of the people most of the time, but all of the people can watch the debates!