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No Toddler Left Behind Means Younger Government-Controlled Children

“Study after study shows that the sooner a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road.”  Obama said this in last Tuesday’s State of the Union address, arguing that the federal government should provide preschool education.  Among his multitudinous straw man arguments and big-government strategies, this is just another plan for more government control of our children at the taxpayers’ expense.

While early learning is a benefit to children, this doesn’t mean that earlier formal school will benefit them. Why should we subject toddlers to the same education system that is failing our kindergarten through twelfth graders?   American students are currently at the bottom when it comes to test scores in subjects like math and science.  A quarter of our kids are dropping out of high school, and many of those who do graduate can’t read at grade level.  Despite failing our children, the government’s constant answer is that the schools need more money.  Yet the more money they get, the worse our students do every year. This is just another pitch to gain influence over younger and younger children, continue to erode parental rights, and to gain more jobs for teachers and their unions who vote for big government.

The same problems we see for day-care kids vs. children who are cared for at home will pervade this new proposed school system.  Daycare kids are twelve times more likely to get the flu than those cared for at home.  Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that toddlers in daycare are more insecure, anxious, aggressive, hyperactive, defiant and disobedient.  What kind of teenagers and adults do they become with this as their foundation?  Just as the constant change in personnel negatively affects daycare children’s sense of trust and security, so will this be the case for younger children going through government run public school systems.

Licensed and “trained professionals” are already forming the value systems of our children as they have them for thousands of hours away from their parents’ care.  Obama will put children who are at a critical and vulnerable stage in their psychological and behavioral development under the care of people who are not accountable for any mistakes or false teaching.  It will not help children, poor or otherwise.  What it will do is create a division in the authority figures in children’s lives.

Estimates are that this will cost taxpayers $98 billion over ten years.  Families who are already struggling will bear the burden of even more money taken out of their pockets to be used not only to indoctrinate their children but also to undermine their parental guidance and authority.

What really sets children up for success at every stage of development is a strong nuclear family unit, not government-run education.  But strong families are less likely to teach their children victim-hood and government dependence.  That’s a problem for an administration that wants ever more government control over the lives of its citizens.

The Mental Pretzel of Gun Control

I wonder if Obama would respond with executive action to arm teachers in school if the kids wrote and said they’d feel safer knowing their teachers could defend them against vicious murderers.  Or would he throw out Michelle’s healthy school meals plan if a bunch of kids wrote to tell him they want fruit loops and fried chicken at every meal?  As for the parents, maybe we can start background checks on those who shamelessly manipulate their children for their own political ends.  With his backdrop of child props Obama announced his gun control plans today:

“We can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible law breaking few from inflicting harm on a massive level.”

Really?  Since almost every mass-shooter so far has acquired their guns illegally, how will imposing more restrictions on law-abiding citizens stop law-breakers?  It won’t.  Nor will banning high-capacity magazines stop a mass murderer from shooting lots of people – the next will just do what Jared Holmes and Sandy Hook shooter (an many a Hollywood character) did – bring lots of guns.  When you’re out of rounds, just grab the next gun.  Meanwhile, the Atlanta mother who shot a home invader could have certainly used more than seven rounds – she shot him five times and he was still able to flee.  What if there had been more than one intruder?  What if she hadn’t been a good shot?

Although the anti-gun cabal always wants to jump to act in the wake of a mass shooting, they rarely look at the real solutions: concealed-carry laws and medications checks.

Jared Holmes had a choice of seven movie theaters within thirty minutes of his apartment.  He chose the one that was a gun-free zone.  Schools are easy targets for predators because they are gun-free zones.  Most all of the mass-shooters of recent memory have been on or withdrawing from one or more anti-depressant or mood stabilizer such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft, and suicidal thoughts are just one of many negative side-effects of these drugs.  Others are mania, abnormal thinking, hallucinations, amnesia, agitation, psychosis, confusion, paranoid reactions, and more.  But this is a society that loves its psychiatrists and prescriptions and refuses to shed the light on their ill effects even though these effects are published by the FDA.  For many these drugs can be mental life-savers, but they shouldn’t be allowed weapons.  One must already have a clean record to purchase a gun and it wouldn’t be hard to put the question of the medications one is taking on the permit application.  This would not involve doctors and avoid the prospect of having the government consulting with one’s doctor or vice versa.

We don’t need $10 million for gun violence research, we need common sense.  Democrats want to reinstate the 1994 assault weapon ban that did nothing to stop the Columbine shooting.  And pray tell me, what good will gun-trafficking laws do when the administration itself gave us the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal?

Obama’s new gun control proposals will take law enforcement resources away from fighting crime and criminals and misplace it onto law-abiding citizens who simply don’t want to have to wait until the cops arrive when someone breaks into their house to steal, rape and murder, or tries to murder their children in school.  Fortunately most of his proposals require congressional approval, but with Obama’s record of ignoring the separation of powers and trampling the Constitution, we can expect that if he doesn’t get what he wants, he’ll impose it like he always does – by tyrannical fiat.


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