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Capitol Hill Scrooge to Veterans…Again

Shame over the disgraceful treatment of Veterans during and after Vietnam resulted in a societal shift by the general population in how it treats its men women in uniform over the last forty years.  Regardless of individual views on war and the military, the majority of our culture respects and wants to help those who volunteered to defend us against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  Not so on Capitol Hill.  The administration and our politicians are determined to put illegal aliens above Veterans, time and time again; rewarding those who take from America and break her laws and punishing those who work and sacrifice to protect her.

During the September government shutdown the Obama administration had privately owned and operated war memorials shut down, barricaded and staffed with law enforcement to bar Veterans.  And who could forget Nancy Pelosi speaking at an illegal immigration rally facilitated by the erstwhile shutdown government, while 90-year-old WWII veterans in wheelchairs were threatened with arrest for visiting their memorials.  As House Republicans passed bill after bill to fund all aspects of government except Obamacare, Senate Democrats kept the government shut down for political theater, and continued to target and punish Veterans.

After passing military Sequestration (while non-essentials like the National Endowment for the Arts remain fully funded), Veterans have been struck yet another undeserved blow by politicians on both Left and (supposedly) Right.  The budget “deal” passed this week not only fattens government with vastly increased spending and economy-killing tax hikes – the opposite of what we should be doing – it does so at the expense of those who dedicated their best years to a military career.  Military pensions and retirement benefits are on the chopping block, cutting $6 billion over ten years.  Even disabled retirees are not exempt from pension cuts, and item Paul Ryan knew about two days before the bill was passed but did nothing to fix.  An amendment proposed by Jeff Sessions to correct this grievous “mistake” was blocked by Democrats because it would recoup the money lost from fraud by requiring applicants for particular child tax credits to submit their social security numbers.   Far be it from Democrats and many Republicans to enforce American law and refuse government benefits to illegal immigrants.

Leave it to the crooks in Washington to pass a deal no one wants that increases spending, further damages the economy, and sticks it to our dedicated military while indulging illegal immigrants.  Whatever Paul Ryan was thinking before the budget passed, he should now be thinking about what he wants to do once we kick him out of office.  With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?

Black Is You, Black is Me, Black is Us, Black is Free

The GOP convention is almost at a close and those attending are reporting amazing energy coming from the event.  With great speakers like Condoleezza Rice, Chris Christie, Artur Davis and Paul Ryan the political race has been reinvigorated with the vitality of strong Conservative ideas being taken to the opposition with vigor.

In the face of strong black Conservatives like Mia Love and Artur Davis, the Left’s racist roots are showing.  Democrats are, after all, the party of slavery, who opposed voting and civil rights for blacks and created Jim Crow.

They believe no black person could possibly believe in lower taxes, smaller government, strong foreign policy and family values.  While claiming to be for the best interests of non-whites everywhere, they’re still for affirmative action which says you’re not able to get where you want to go through merit, so let’s have quotas to force businesses to hire based on skin color.  While claiming that Republicans want to “put y’all back in chains,” Democrat policies of the last 4 years have hit minorities and women the hardest.

Their idea of minorities succeeding is not that each individual should be his own man, acting of his own free will and according to his conscience.  If one dares to step off the Democrat plantation and vote the party that fought to end slavery and proposed and passed law to guarantee their voting and civil rights and end segregation, he’s branded an Uncle Tom, an “oreo,” and worse.  The Left has lashed out at both Condoleezza Rice and Mia Love as “house N****.”   Meanwhile, since the media can find no Republicans using racist language, they claim it’s a “dog whistle,” all the while ignoring or justifying the recorded racist slurs by Democrats and Leftists.

But this is old news, the Left has always been this way.  Since they’re policies have not helped but in fact hurt the black community, they have to rely on demonizing their opposition.  Just as Margaret Sanger intended, 70% of abortion clinics are found in black communities.  Where the government has insisted that blacks can’t succeed without government aid, blacks make up a disproportionate amount of those on welfare.  And as this dependence on the government and prevalence of abortion has increased, the family unit has fallen apart.  Kids who grow up without fathers are more likely to end up in jail.  Leftists want to distract from what they’ve done to destroy the black community by wild accusations that every white cop is looking for a minority to target.  But the thing most criminals in jail have in common is not in fact their skin color, it’s the absence of fathers from their childhoods.

Unfortunately for minorities everywhere, Democrats have screamed enough lies about Republicans being racists to cover their own history and tendency of actual racism.

Fortunately, in the Age of Information the people can see that where everyone who disagrees with Democrats is called a racist, we’re all racists now, and someone’s been crying wolf.


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