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We Didn’t Fight For This

Obama has created a global nightmare.  To watch the results of his reckless and asinine foreign policy is truly excruciating.  ISIS massacres its way through Iraqi cities we had secured, horrifically slaughtering Christians and Muslims who don’t comply.  Now the unspeakable burning alive of the Jordanian pilot.  Radical Islamists undermine and abuse the freedoms of non-Islamic countries in which they live in order to burn the country’s flags, impose Sharia law, and spread their venom and hate.  Five thousand American men and women didn’t give their lives, tens of thousands wounded didn’t give their wellbeing, all who have served in the war on terror didn’t work, sweat, bleed, and sacrifice just to have any gains shattered by a shameful and cowardly withdrawal that so predictably favors only the savage cavemen we’ve been fighting all these years.  All of us gave some, some gave all, but none of us fought for this.

We fought to prevent all of this.  Each of us who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, we said, “Here am I,” and we went to stand between these savages and you.  Many of us joined after the Twin Towers were attacked.  We each said to America’s vicious enemies, as did those who fought our foreign wars before: “You’ll have to come through me first.”  We wrote that blank check to America.  We put our lives on hold, put other aspirations aside, left our loved ones behind.  We brushed aside the cruel accusations from mindless anti-war activists, some once our friends, that we were doing nothing but killing innocents.  It was never for oil, it wasn’t for imperialist motives or to decide Iraq’s fate for it.  It is and always has been truly a war on terror, the very literal terror we’re seeing expand once more across Iraq now that we left without victory, that has taken hold from the Netherlands to England.  We saw how these radical Islamists treated their own people, how they treated women and children, how they treated those who don’t believe as they do.  We saw how they didn’t wear uniforms and were willing to use women, children, and their religious houses as shields behind which to wage their bloody, medieval, unjustified slaughter.  They are making their way outward with their ultimatum of convert or die just like Mohammad did hundreds of years ago.  We’re seeing them behead children.

We signed up to stand between them and you.

Because of political correctness and a lack of guts, Shock and Awe and the unheard of four-day victory in Baghdad morphed into a strange mix of appeasement and whack-a-mole exercises instead of successfully wiping out this inhumane enemy.  Look what ISIS did within days.  We could not stay indefinitely in Iraq or Afghanistan, nor should we be nation-building, but we should not have abandoned them as we did without finishing our job, with no security force and little stability.  The void we left was bound to be filled by even worse terror, and so it has been.  They will never surrender, they will never stop, they do not want peace.  They want utter subjugation and they are enabled by our very president to torture and kill unhindered and unquestioned.  The blood of all those killed by ISIS is on Obama’s hands because he did nothing to prevent it and nothing to stop it, while lying that the world is safer on his watch. We didn’t fight for this.

Now they are spreading far and wide unimpeded, brutally slaughtering any who stand in their way.  Who will stop them now?  Practically all have been cowed by insane political correctness, with any references to radical Islam and jihad forbidden.  Imagine if we had been forbidden from telling the truth that Hitler slaughtered 6 million Jews?  Our government dictates that we cannot name the enemy, and so we cannot fight to win.  Our borders are wide open for them to carry out their loudly proclaimed mission: “WE WILL NOT STOP UNTILL WE QUENCH OUR THIRST FOR YOUR BLOOD,” as they wrote to the Foley family after beheading their son James last summer, the first of many beheadings of Westerners to come.

The world is burning and our defenders are being destroyed from the inside out.  Our warriors are bound and gagged by Rules of Engagement that put them in unnecessary danger, stifle their ability to fight, and favor the enemy.  The burden of proof is long since on the American soldier to prove that the terrorist shooting at him didn’t put down his weapon after shooting, as if that would somehow suddenly render the insurgent a non-combatant.  Our fighters at the tip of the spear now have to let themselves be shot at twice in order to engage the enemy, and the high ranks in our military dutifully enforce these senseless rules with little objection lest they jeopardize their rank and pensions.  The misogynists we’ve been fighting like to stone, rape, mutilate and murder women with impunity, they torture and hang gays.    Our military performance standards have been lowered and lowered and lowered again, because being tough on recruits is considered abuse in our absurd, politically correct bubble.  We’re not allowed to forge our volunteers into really tough fighters anymore, we’re not allowed to really prepare them for the unrestrained enemy they will face on the battlefield.  Meanwhile the enemy himself bears no such ludicrous hindrances.  They will do whatever it takes to destroy us, and this administration is doing everything it can to prevent us from defending ourselves, to say nothing of taking the offensive.

Obama has welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House, he has sided with Hamas against Israel, he has supported Iran’s nuclear proliferation, he has done practically nothing but impotent “pinprick” strikes, and he has not only refused to protect our borders, he has opened them to whomever wants to cross and with whatever motives they may hold.  The man – I use the term very loosely – has little to say on all these matters, and the hollow words he does issue are vague empty platitudes when what is called for is swift and decisive action.  He barely interrupted a golf game to breathe a measly few shallow words on the beheading of James Foley.  No harsh words about burning the pilot alive. We could easily wipe ISIS off the map, and we should.  They, like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are the ones hiding behind women and children.  We could secure our border, and we should.  We have the means, we just need the will, the guts.  It is easily articulated, it’s not rocket science.  Dead civilians are on their hands, not ours.  They are the ones who hide behind them and target civilians, and they win because we are silent.  The American people should be reminded of this again and again and again.  But we’re too afraid of being considered mean.  This is a fight against true evil; we need to be mean and unapologetic.  They must be made afraid, very very afraid.  Nothing else will work, nothing else has worked.  ISIS has declared war against us.  They will not stop until they terrorize the world and leave nothing but ash.  But with a president who supports and arms terrorist states, who ignores and impugns our allies, who refuses his duty to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic, the future looks grim.  And he was elected twice by the apathetic American majority.  Scary.

We didn’t fight and sacrifice for thirteen years just so this president could pamper and embolden our enemies and open the gates wide for terror on our shores.  We fought, we sacrificed life, limb and well-being to curb and stop the spread of this terror, so that it would not again reach our shores, so that freedom would have a chance where there was none and to protect our loved ones and way of life.  We fought to protect even those who were against us for serving.  We fought so that exactly what is happening now wouldn’t happen.

This president doesn’t give a wit about America, freedom, responsibility – name anything good and decent.  He has been completely unwilling to do anything to protect America or her interests, her people.  He seems happy to let it all burn as long as he gets his multi-million-dollar vacations and his posh soirees with Hollywood celebrities.  He sure as hell doesn’t care about our military or the costs we have paid.  He announces everything we’re going to do militarily so that our enemies have ample time to prepare and execute maximum damage to our forces.  Our president doesn’t care.  He is either a fool or a sympathizer to think these monsters can be “contained.”  We’ve already had another attack on our soil, the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing, and Obama and his administration have done nothing to protect us against our enemies.

Gut-check time is long since here.  We need to be willing to break things and kill our enemies, or they will break and kill us.  It’s that simple.  The tit-for-tat reactionary method hasn’t worked.  It will never work.  They need to be terrified of acting against us.  They need to be afraid there will be a thousand hells to pay for attacking us and then hiding behind women and children.  They have no moral high ground.  Is America awake yet to the threat we have been facing all these years?  We who have served have our eyes wide open.  We would be happy to terminate this vicious foe, but it’s not just up to us.  It is up to Americas leaders to turn this tide and face down these brutes.  Will they?  No.  So we will be left to fend for ourselves.

Careerists v. Mother Nature

In continuing the discussion of opening combat roles to women, we have the argument that women are already there, deploying and fighting in hot zones.  This is true, and it gives us a record of the problems we are already experiencing as a result.

Wasted:  Valuable Time, Training, and Resources

I talk about several of the female-only issues for which extra accommodations have to be made in my previous article.  We are not equal except in our rights under our Constitutional Law.  Nature has no regard for equality, and each one of us is born uniquely different from each other.  We are diverse and dissimilar in our talents, physical aspects, intellect and emotions, and the sexes are inherently different.  We know, for example, that women are much more prone to certain types of infections.  For a woman on patrol, setting up an ambush, or, as the infantry do, living in abandoned buildings with no running water and sleeping in close quarters, hygiene is a constant problem.  A urinary tract infection can quickly become a kidney infection (debilitating in itself) and then kidney failure if left unchecked.  Suddenly a woman needs to be evacuated for a problem that has nothing to do with combat and to which men are not susceptible.

Then there’s pregnancy.  Margaret Wente writes, “One study of a brigade operating in Iraq found that female soldiers were evacuated at three times the rate of male soldiers – and that 74 percent of them were evacuated for pregnancy-related issues.”

Women leaving the combat zone three times as much as men!  And mostly due to shacking up and getting pregnant.  It costs something like a million dollars per individual to get trained through bootcamp and additionally to be made ready for deployment.  Those are taxpayer dollars spent on someone who has to turn around and leave the combat zone to have a baby (for which our tax dollars also pay), having nothing to do with combat.

Changing Our Best Instincts: Protecting Women, Mothering Children

We know that rape is a tool of torture for the already savage enemy we’re fighting.  In one TV interview a woman suggested that if women are willing to take that risk, we should let them.  She also absurdly claimed that men are raped as much as women when captured, which is patently false.  But the idea that men shouldn’t worry any more about women in battle goes against the very best primal male instinct.  In every country from Canada to Israel where women are in combat (and in American units where women are in theater), the men will tell you they are more protective of the women.  It’s different from men’s protection of each other, and it distracts from mission completion.  The pro-WICs would have men thwart this wonderful and thoroughly ingrained instinct. A world in which men don’t feel a strong need to protect women when they’re in the most dangerous and hostile of environments would be a nightmare.  We would rightly call those men brutes.

We’re also thwarting mothers’ nurturing instincts.  Women are already training to kill and leaving their children in order to deploy, even when they are the sole caregiver (turning care over namely to grandparents).  This sets a bad precedent and hurts children.  There will always be war, and it’s bad enough for fathers to leave their children to fight necessarily, but to allow mothers to choose this path over motherhood is bad for everyone.  There are many noble capacities in which women with children can fight for this country, such as administrative jobs stateside.  We don’t need to deploy mothers to battle, we shouldn’t.

The Career-Hungry

A small handful of high-ranking females have instigated this policy change in order to advance their own careers.  In this interview, Anu Bhagwati, a former Marine Captain, complains about women not being able to promote to certain ranks, claims that women aren’t getting proper recognition for action in combat (a claim also made here), and that it’s harder for them to get combat-injury-related benefits from the VA.  Regarding the latter, I know females who are receiving combat-injury-related benefits, so if there are some who are not receiving them but should, the bureaucratic, inefficient, fraud-riddled VA should be confronted.  Administrative changes could certainly be considered to take care of veterans as we should – regardless of sex – for injuries sustained in battle thus far.  As for recognition of action, this is also a bureaucratic aspect that can be addressed through the chain of command without changing the policies on women in combat units.  And finally as to rank, cry me a river.  The military is about preparing for an executing war, not advancing your career at the cost of readiness for war.

The careerists are also on the hook for the double standard that we currently have for the sexes, which inherently lowers the standards overall.  Even if one standard is imposed, it’s likely it will be an overall lower standard.  As the Center for Military Readiness points out, “The same advocates who demand ‘equal opportunities’ in combat are the first to demand unequal, gender-normed standards to make it ‘fair.’”  Enormous pressure from Washington is already on the military brass to fill quotas of race and sex, and the higher they get, the more politically motivated the brass’ decisions.  Whereas imposing one higher standard would in fact result in fewer women serving in these roles, the political pressure to prove diversity will result in more unqualified women (and men) attaining positions for which men are more qualified.  But go against the diversity status quo dictated by Washington and you can kiss your rank and career goodbye.  The purges have already begun.

The word discriminate has several meanings, including “to distinguish particular features, to be discerning; showing insight and understanding,” and its synonyms are “wise, perceptive, prudent.”  We should absolutely be discriminating in our criteria for war preparation, and the lives of our men in uniform depend on us taking an honest, discerning look at who adds to military readiness and who detracts from it.  We should absolutely not open the combat units to the myriad problems we face already with women deploying to the theatre of war.

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Decriers of Pee

We train, we train, we train.  Then we finally get to the combat zone.  We make contact with the enemy and…in the case of a couple of warfighters, we pee.  We show our contempt for the enemy so worthy of it.  They, after all, vow the destruction of the bastion of freedom, the United States, and have a fetish for rape, torture and stoning.

To hear Hillary Clinton decry their behavior you would think she was talking about someone who massacred 45 unarmed people at Fort Hood while screaming “Allu akhbar!!!”  You would think she was calling for a full investigation that would turn up, say, how Major Hassan had a long record of pushing Islam and jihad; how no one who could have flagged him would dare because they’d be branded a racist.

The whole country decries these Marines who, though acting in poor taste, had just done their duty by killing the enemy who has no regard for the Geneva conventions or Rules of Engagement whatsoever.  Decriers who said nothing but “we can’t rush to judgment” on violent extremist murderer Nidal Hassan.

Well I deployed to Iraq, and my service there made a difference to those women and children and citizens who were used to being terrorized by Sadaam and his regime.

But why should I fight, why should anyone who’s willing to give their life for this country do so when this is what they’re going to get?

Every single movie or show that portrays the Iraq war depicts psychotics and wimps – from “Brothers” to you name it.  The only movie that depicts Marines as they are in battle was “Battle: Los Angeles” and in that the enemy were aliens.  There’s a double standard for women, but the only good movie that depicts female Marines as decent, moral fighters is “The Marine” which is a propaganda piece against DADT.  The NCIS show that has the ex-rapper playing the scholar of Islam, telling all the violent Muslim perps that they’re not following the true Islam, and where the Marines are usually the criminals in the cases.

We face the modern Nazis of our time, Muslim extremists and their defenders, the Liberal Left.  They advocate for non-citizens more than citizens, criminals more than those who obey the law.   Their primary weapons political correctness and race-baiting.  The libertarians tell us Sharia can’t exist here if we stick to the Constitution, while we have a Jihadist in our local jail here in NHC who put out 2 $5000 hits on witnesses against him.  Will the libertarians wait for the nice local Jihadist to abide by the Constitution and not plan murder?  Why should any cop or sheriff fight for what’s right?  Why should they protect you and me when if they show a little too much zeal, empty two magazines instead of one, they’ll have a public media lynching?

Who should stand up and fight the Nazis of our time if we’re just going to be criminalized for it while terrorist acts of violence get defended and swept under the rug?


I’m a Marine and Iraq War Veteran.  I’ve been called a murderer, rapist and dumb by the likes of Jack Murtha and John Kerry.  I’ve been told by Harry Reid that the war is lost while my fellow Marines and me drastically reduced the amount of violence in Iraq while increasing the availability of electricity, water, medical help and schools.  Now Obama’s telling me that we’re getting out of Iraq without victory.  Try to convince me that the lives and blood that my brothers and sisters sacrificed is not in vain.  Convince me that all those women and children we helped by combatting violent suicide bombers are not now in grave danger.  Tell me all those resources and schools that were built after we took out Sadaam are not going to be destroyed.  Tell me that violence is not going to increase because the Americans who were will to fight for them and ourselves are now leaving.

I’m a cancer survivor.  I’ve watched my medical costs double every year since 2008.  The expensive scans I’m supposed to have every year to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned become more and more out of reach.  I’m lucky to still have a job, but I’m still working at the rate I started at years ago while expenses like these keep going up.  And now you’re going to tell me that I may not really need that scan, and you’re going to take that decision out of my hands.  The government will decide whether they can afford me that scan, and then tell me whether I need it or not.

I’m the wife of a legal immigrant.  Tell me that while my husband – who’s actually here for all the right reasons and is working through the citizenship process, who loves this country, taught himself English and who’s working his butt off, should go to the back of the line while you thumb your nose at him for being sucker enough to go through that legal process.  Convince me that checking someone’s driver’s license is somehow discriminatory if the driver looks Hispanic.  I have to hand over my license when I’m pulled over, so do you pal.  It’s not discrimination that you have to abide by the laws of this country, and pay the consequences if you’re breaking them.

I’m a home owner who’s lost $50,000 on the value of my house since we bought it in early 2008.  Thanks Frank-Dodd.   Go ahead.  Convince me it’s all Bush’s fault.

I’m an independent free and outspoken woman.  Tell me Muslims in this country are harmless when they don’t permit women to even drive in their own countries, when they rape women and then imprison or kill them for having been raped, where they stone women and women have no rights.  Tell me you’re a good feminist and advocating for a mosque at Ground Zero is a good thing.  Equality under the law is paramount in America, and women fought so hard for representation and protection in this country.  It is what the women of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan wish they had.  Tell me how diverse you feel as you advocate for gay marriage and also don’t want Muslims to be discriminated against, while they kill people for being gay.

I’m also a Jew.  That’s me Ahmadinejad and all the Muslims want to “push into the sea.” That’s my blood they want to wash their hands in, my skull they want to crush, that ‘religion of peace.’  And who do you think is next, once they’re done exterminating all us Jews?  You, infidel.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t happen to be Jewish.  You’re a non-believer, there’s no place for you and you’re next on the destruction list.

We’re struggling against big-government liberals and spineless Republicans alike.  Bad policy and weak opposition have gotten us into the black hole we’re in today.  This is the cost of electing the wrong people to represent us.  It’s the cost of not fighting back, of wimping out against liberal attacks with the excuse that ‘we can’t go there.’  McCain refused to attack Obama on his history, his dangerous and violent associations like terrorist Bill Ayers and racist violence advocator Jeremiah Wright.  He could have had a spine, but he chose not to.  We see what liberals are willing to do – anything in their power, true or false, to destroy conservatives.  We see what happens when they win.   We’re all poorer, we’re less free, we have less free speech and we’re not allowed to talk about what threatens us, we’ve lost our jobs, our homes, our savings.  We’re losing our families, our children can’t read.  Islamofascists are doing everything they can to permeate the globe and make themselves the next Master Race.

The stakes are high, the risks are great, but if we are going to survive we have to stop pussy-footing around bad liberal policy, we have to crush the opposition.  Big-government liberal policies have failed every time.  We have every justification to try Conservative solutions for once.  Bad liberal foreign policy has rendered the Middle East more unstable than it’s ever been, and us less prepared to deal with it.  Bad liberal economic policy has rendered us poorer than ever, has put more of us out of work and out of our homes.  Why should we continue to bother compromising with liberals who are always wrong?  We must defeat them, or we’ll never get out of this black hole.

Checkpoint Duty on the Outskirts of Fallujah, 2005

They Call us Angels

The Last Month of Female ECP Duty

LCpl Jude Eden, Alpha Co. Data Plt.


Ever since war in Iraq became a consideration for our administration, careful attention has been paid to respecting the culture of those we are trying to help.  While engaging in combat to facilitate self government for the Iraqi people, we have all heard the phrase “winning hearts and minds.”  In light of the unique dynamic between men and women in Middle Eastern culture (namely that a man does not interact, let alone touch, a woman that is not his wife or in his family), female Marines have been tasked with Entry Check Point duty searching the Iraqi females who come into the city of Fallujah.  Now this duty is in the hands of Iraqi females who have been trained at 29 Palms, and October was the last month for Marines to have this opportunity.

For the entire month we started and finished our days with convoys through the city to each of the 5 check points.  We got to know our convoy Marines – the men from RCT8 who risked their lives daily to get us to and from each destination.  We got to know the infantry Marines who live at the ECPs – men from 2/6 who have the very difficult job of maintaining security at the checkpoints and, with limited help from an interpreter, managing the Iraqi Police, Army, and detainees.  While we’re pretty spoiled here with running water, chow halls and a PX, they use bottled water to shave and shower and rely on other units to bring them hot chow once or twice a day.  They hope they get some goodies they can use and enjoy in the mail.  We often came bearing PX bags full of things they couldn’t get for themselves.  We also made use of our job skills and other knowledge.  One day the generator at ECP 1 broke down, and LCpl Rodriguez (Engineers) provided expertise to get them up and running again.  When the Polaris at ECP 3 needed fixing, LCpl Erhardt (Motor T) brought out tools and materials and fixed it for them.  They also had some computer issues, and I (Data) was ready to help solve the problem.  Since many Marines speak little to no Arabic, my training in SLAC (Survival Language Arabic Course) also came in very handy.

Interacting with the Iraqis was an unforgettable experience.  Often funny, sometimes frustrating, we handled everything from women with open-topped boxes of live chickens to men who wanted us to be one of their 4 wives.  Many were very grateful and impressed with our efforts to speak Arabic to them.  Sometimes a mother would lift her toddler to us to give a kiss on the cheek.  Children would come through, fascinated with us, and every so often one would extend an outstretched palm and say, “Mista!  Mista!  Chocolate!”  Most gratifying were the times when an English speaking woman would offer thanks and good wishes for our safety, saying, “America is our friend.  Be careful and be safe here,” or “You are our sister.”  All of us have stories, though not all are pleasant.  There was the day infantry Marines engaged in a foot pursuit of a man on their target list who was dressed as a female.  One day a mortar went off well within sight, and it was a little while before we determined that the Marine on post was okay, but an Iraqi policeman had been killed.  Another morning a grenade was thrown at us one our way to ECP 2, but thankfully landed between the trucks and didn’t harm anyone.

I am grateful I was able to participate in the ECP duty experience.  Being a Data Marine, I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go outside the wire and see what’s really happening out there.  I felt a strong sense of purpose because I was able to connect the cause of promoting Iraqi independence with the necessary work and the people themselves.  I was able to see something of what their lives are like – their vivaciousness, their frustration, even their sadness.  It not only made me appreciative of what we have in America, it reaffirmed my belief in our goal here.  It was worthwhile getting to know the Iraqis, infantry Marines, and the interpreters.  Most rewarding was being able to get to know my fellow female Marines, whom I found to be bright, high-spirited, confident and generous.  Leading from the front was our NCOIC Sgt Weeks, who, in a recent email to us said, “I have never worked with a better group of females and would be happy to work beside you anytime.”  I couldn’t agree more.


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