“Women Patriots” New Internet Radio Show Premiers Tuesday 8pm

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WPCompositeSlideThree politically passionate conservative women are launching a new show called “Women Patriots” on the popular internet broadcasting site BlogTalkRadio.com.  Brenda Ward, Barbara Buffing, and Jude Eden will co-host the show with various guests.  Ward, a registered nurse in Fort Wayne, Indiana, first got into internet broadcasting in support of Herman Cain when he joined the 2012 presidential race in the Republican primary.  Her first show was another collaborative effort under the Conservative Nation Radio umbrella on BlogTalk. The show’s creators were looking to do a regular broadcast with women and Ward volunteered.  “What I like most about it is being able to give voice to the conservatives and Christians in America and meeting new people from all across America who are of a like mind,” Ward says.  Barbara Buffing, a conservative activist in North Carolina, became more involved in politics in 2011. She came on board at first to do promotions and then ended up co-hosting with Ward.

The two came across Jude Eden when the Obama administration announced it was opening military combat units to women.  Eden, a Marine combat veteran, conservative writer and activist in North Carolina, had written several columns on the subject.  This caught Buffing’s attention and Eden was invited on the show as a guest.  For the new Women Patriots show, Ward says, “I always liked the idea of having a 3-4 woman panel, each with a different background to add depth to the conversation.  Jude’s military background and knowledge, having “been there,” were things we considered because she has a perspective we do not.”

Working behind the scenes with the trio is Teresa Bruski, a health care professional in Minnesota.  Ward met Bruski through their mutual support of then-candidate Cain.  Bruski was the Minnesota state leader for his campaign, and she and Ward have been working together ever since.  The goals of the Women Patriots show are to reach to a wider audience, to educate and cover stories main stream media won’t, and to support conservative candidates for office.

Karen Siegemund

Karen Siegemund

Jan Morgan

Jan Morgan

Guests for the premier will be Jan Morgan and Karen Siegemund. Jan is a Nationally Recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and speaker, a certified firearms instructor and founder of Armed American Woman, a national firearms training program for women.  Siegemund founded the activist organization Rage Against the Media, an activist organization that fights for objective reporting by news organizations.

The show premiers October 22nd from 8-10pm eastern time and will broadcast weekly on Tuesday nights at www.blogtalkradio.com/lady-patriots.


Send Renee Packing

From guest writer Ginny Quaglia, a recently submitted letter to the Editor:

Your 2nd District US Representative, Renee Ellmers, was the keynote speaker at a recent Brunswick County Republican Women meeting. Several members were appalled at Ms. Ellmers’ claim that ObamaCare could not be defunded through the Continuing Resolution.  She proved her own statement false by her recent vote to do just that.  So was she lying or just misinformed?  Since she was a healthcare professional and ran on a platform opposing Obamacare, lying to people who supported her is so fundamentally wrong, it defies words.  If she was misinformed for weeks (she had plenty of time during the August Congressional recess to learn the history of excluding some mandatory spending from the CR as done since 1976) one would have to conclude she’s incompetent. The 2nd District NC voters must find a formidable conservative candidate who is truthful and principled.  They must primary Renee Ellmers. We need to defund this unworkable, unfair and un-American law known as ObamaCare, and Republicans need to LEAD on the issue instead of MIS-leading their constituents. Send Renee packing!

Ginny Quaglia-HS wideGinny Quaglia is a conservative activist and public speaker.  Quaglia was awarded the Brunswick Beacon 1st amendment award in 2012 and named activist of the month by Heritage Action in May of 2012.  She resides in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Unnecessarily Painful Shutdown

Letter to the Editor submitted to the Star News, the Brunswick Beacon and the State Port Pilot.

The bipartisan majority of Americans want Obamacare stopped, and the House is trying to do just that, yet Democrats won’t fund government without it. Nor will they budge as the House proposes bills to fund other essential government functions in the meantime. The fact that Obama went out of his way to close privately owned and operated war memorials shows his pettiness. The Democrats’ refusal to grant exemption to 200 child cancer patients participating in vital R&D shows their heartless indifference.  They won’t budge on making taxpayers subsidize their healthcare and giving exemptions to Big Business. Every day of the shutdown reveals their true elitist colors. Michelle’s boogie website is up while Amber Alert is down.  90-year-old veterans are threatened with arrest for visiting their memorials by otherwise absent staff.  This is not the party of compassion, it is the party of tyranny.  True to their roots, Democrats are still the party of slavery and Obamacare the newest form.  They are totally out of touch with the American people, the ones that Obamacare hurts most of all and who are stuck paying the bill. The people have been raising their voices against Obamacare, and the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate with the House is a refusal to listen to the people, on both sides of the isle, who hired them. We are citizens, not peasants living under feudalism, slaving for nobles and begging them for favor. Thank you to those reps holding the line against the party of slavery.


NC Patriots Gather to Celebrate the Constitution

crowdOn September 17th, 1787, our Founding Fathers gathered at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and signed our most sacred document next to the Declaration of Independence, our United States Constitution.  In celebration of the 226th anniversary, North Carolinians from all over the state gathered at Jemeokee Park in Pinnacle, NC for the 3rd annual North Carolina Constitution Day TEA Party Rally.  Hundreds gathered throughout the day to hear speakers who reaffirmed our Founding principles and our Constitutional rights.  Many spoke of the urgency for action as these rights are continually eroded by our current administration, from the impending implementation of Obamacare, to Common Core in our schools, to our continuing struggle to maintain our second amendment rights, and much more.

The family-friendly event, planned by Kevin Shinault, and Stephen Bennett, was emceed by Bill Flynn, author and Truth Broadcasting Radio Host of The Eagle AM980, and U.S. Army vet and NC conservative icon Major Dave.  Featured speakers included NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest, Jan Morgan, award winning journalist, nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker, firearms instructor and founder of Armed American Woman; and former US Navy SEAL Ben Smith.  Many others also spoke including U.S. Senate candidates Dr. Greg Brannon, Mark Harris, and Heather Grant, Blogtalk radio personalities, local Tea Party leaders and activists including the creator of the 2 Million Bikers to DC, Belinda Bee, and even an actor playing George Washington.  I was excited to be able to say a few words on being a political animal.  See the full speaker list at the end of this article.  There were vendors, raffles, food and music, and the weather could hardly have been more pristine.

One attendee, Irene, said, “Today, I am invigorated!  I get so much energy from being around this wonderful group of people. We love our country, and recognize that the Constitution is the key, liberty and freedom are second only to God and the free market is the most powerful force in lifting people out of economic despair.”

Constitutionalists and Tea Party activists across the nation continue in the struggle to maintain our liberties and freedom in America.  Like-minded individuals band together at gatherings like these to show unity, to network and to help each other to take action in the defense of liberty.  Despite targeting by the IRS, spying by the NSA, and constant demonizing from their opponents, events like the NC Constitution Day Rally show that the Tea Party movement is far from over.  More TEA please!

DSC_0013DSC_0055 DSC_0049 DSC_0068DSC_0062 DSC_0066 Jan Morgan DSC_0086 DSC_0079 DSC_0044DSC_0038 Dan Forest DSC_0031 DSC_0096DSC_0024

NC Constitution Day TEA Party Rally Speakers:

Stephen Bennett: Stand Up NC; Constitutional Minutemen of NC

Wild Bill for America / Act 1

Nicole Revels: Carolina Liberty PAC

Bill Looman: Constitutionalist icon from GA

Robert Brawley: State Rep District 95, Faith & Freedom Coalition legislator liaison

Michele Nix: Chairwoman Lenoir GOP

Janet Spainhour:  Randolph Tea

Scott Cumbie: Forsyth GOP Chairman

James Manship:  Washington Reenactor from VA

Joyce Kraweic:  NC GOP Vice Chair

Jaison Sheppard: Viral Overpass YouTube

Tami Fitzgerald:  NC Values

Sheriff Sam Page: Rockingham County

Karen Kozel: Eastern Tea

Mike Marshall: Stokes Militia

Gadi Adelman: America Akbar Radio

Melissa Ann Fleming:  Stokes Activist

Oddy Crist: Raising American Political Awareness

Jamie Crook: Youth Tea Surry

John Bare: Rowan County Tea

Greg Brannon: US Senate candidate

Sherriff Mike Marshall: Stokes County

Major Dave

Dennis Petersen: Charlotte City Council Candidate

Mark Harris: US Senate candidate

Earl Phillip: NC State Director of RNC

Barbara Mulligan Buffing: Women Patriots Radio

Tucker Thomas Durgin: Conservative Youth Outreach

Dee Parks: Moore Tea

Bret McGraw: Jomeokee flyer graphics artist

Heather Grant: US Senate Candidate

Ben Smith:  Former Navy Seal

Jude Eden: writer at PoliticalAnimalBlog.com conservative activist from Wilmington

Sean McGowan: Cabarrus GOP Chairman

Vallee Bubak: Public Relations consultant, Conservative Activist Mecklenburg Co

Rep Brian Holloway: Rep of District 91

Candi Goldman: Ponytail Patriot Radio from GA

Tommy Harrington: Will of the People Rockingham

Dot Booth Bush: Rockingham Tea

Ron Long: WeThe People, Concord

Pudgy Miller: KIRP Radio

Sharon Hudson: North Mecklenburg R. Women

Bill Flynn: The Vanishing 4th Amendment

Dan Forest: NC Lt Governor

Jan Morgan: Keynote











Senator Cruz’s “Make DC Listen” Filibuster Leaves RINOs in the Dust

Senator Ted Cruz will soon close in on twenty-four hours on the Senate floor in an effort to “Make D.C. Listen” to the American people and fulfilling this promise: “I will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund Obamacare.”  So many hours later, he is just as articulate and fired up as he was in the first hour, making the case against the “train wreck” bill which all Republicans should have been making long since.  Americans across the continent have been clamoring for this kind of leadership and representation.  Republicans across the country should be watching with pen and paper in hand.

In these many hours with no teleprompter and few notes, Senator Cruz stands firmly articulating the arguments to defund Obamacare.  Full-time hours forcibly cut to part-time hours, thousands of workers laid off because businesses can’t afford to cover their health insurance, the invasive role government will play by taking over health care, the denigration of quality of and access to health care, and much more.  He has made the case for a free-market alternative to Obamacare that would include interstate competition which would result in lowered costs, more choice for the individual and coverage for preconditions.

CruzSenator Cruz has told story after story of those already negatively impacted by Obamacare.  In an unprecedented move he has been reading “tweets” from Twitter from the hash tags #MakeDCListen and #StopObamacare, truly giving the American people a voice on the Senate floor.  The People want the Senate to vote against Cloture, a procedural motion that would facilitate efforts by Senator Harry Reid and others to strip the defunding language from the Continuing Resolution passed by the House.

With the majority of Americans now understanding the negative repercussions of Obamacare and everyone from the Unions to the Tea Party against it, you would think the GOP would take this golden opportunity to unite with this bipartisan support against a law most of them admit they know is terrible.  But no, Republicans in Name Only across America are showing their true colors.  They remain absent from the Senate floor and continue to work against the American people and the few men, Senator Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, who are truly representing us.

“If we listen to the people,” Senator Cruz said, “if we make D.C. listen, this wouldn’t be about party.  This wouldn’t be about Democrats sticking to the bill they passed, this wouldn’t be about Republicans afraid of political blame and repercussions.  This would be about a hundred senators listening to the people and saying ‘This bill isn’t working.’”

Senator Cruz’s leadership is truly inspirational.  As I write he is going head to head with Senator Dick Durbin, and you would think he’d just woken up from a full night’s rest, astute and fresh as a daisy.  Twitter and Facebook are inundated with notes in support of the Filibuster and defunding Obamacare, and many stayed up all night to watch the Senator in solidarity.  Thousands of citizens have been flooding their representatives’ phone lines and inboxes with calls and emails to vote NO on Cloture and to stand with Senator Cruz.  The People are speaking.  Will DC listen?

NC Constituents Lose Confidence in Senator Burr

From guest writer Ginny Quaglia

Wilmington, NC – A group of concerned  Cape Fear area residents met with staffers at Senator Richard Burr’s Wilmington office  on Monday, Sept. 23. The constituents put Senator Burr on notice that they have been closely watching his votes and plan to continue holding him accountable for not upholding the conservative principles he ran on.

Some recent votes they cited that were contrary to conservative principles and many in lock-step with Senator Hagan (D) , were his votes on the Farm Bill, Internet Sales Tax bill, food safety bill, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and his cloture vote on the gun legislation.

“I take Senator’s Burr’s actions personally”, stated Wilmington resident Lois  Dixon, “I personally walked neighborhoods and knocked on doors for Mr. Burr and he has misrepresented himself to the voters who worked hard to get him elected.”

Most troubling to those in attendance was Mr. Burr’s position on defunding ObamaCare through the Continuing Resolution. Senator Burr has been quoted as saying, “I think it’s the dumbest idea I ever heard.”

Southport resident Mary Ann McCarthy commented, “We think it’s ‘dumb’ that, as fellow Republicans, we are continually betrayed by Senator Burr’s votes. So–  we give him a vote of no confidence.”

Ginny Quaglia-HS wideGinny Quaglia is a conservative activist and public speaker.  Quaglia was awarded the Brunswick Beacon 1st amendment award in 2012 and named activist of the month by Heritage Action in May of 2012.  She resides in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

How Far We’ve Come

It’s 2013, a911nd today we now refer to the terrorist attacks of 2001 as “the first” 9/11 attacks.  No longer simply a time to mourn the innocent civilians murdered on that day, our chests tighten as we wonder what jihadists around the world will do today and every year on this 090913_al_benghazi_640day.  A year after the 2011 the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, we are no closer to truly exposing the betrayal and vast cover-up by President Obama and his administration.  And while they refused to react appropriately to that act of war, now they want to force our military to side with jihadists in another country’s civil war.  Today we’re broke and the world is a much more dangerous place for everyone except jihadists, mostly because political correctness deliberately obstructs our ability to deal with radical Islam.  Just look how far we’ve come.

Twelve years later, Islam is thriving because of the government’s consistent and stubborn refusal to name the enemy and stand against them.  What started with the seemingly compassionate tactic of winning “hearts and minds” (instead of winning wars) under Bush has ended with the Obama administration purging all references to jihad and radical Islam from its documentation.  For the sake of those (silent) moderate Muslims who are too terrified to speak or stand against the jihadists, all must cower and stand vulnerable to violent attacks.  The thought that standing openly against radical Islam, even if it means the temporary discomfort of profiling, would actually do the most to protect moderate Muslims and everyone else, is not allowed.

Our borders are more open than ever, our immigration laws deliberately unenforced, and immigration standards lowered to farcicality.  Boston was bombed by a radical jihadist who was admitted into the country by – at best – politically correct government bureaucrats who deliberately ignored specific warnings about him.  The TSA uselessly invades our privacy while doing nothing to actually reduce the likelihood of attacks to our airlines.  Perfectly willing to molest little old ladies, babies, children and pets, they refuse to canvas for actual likely suspects.

Nowadays plans to travel abroad must include ever more serious consideration for the violence in countries increasingly permeated by Islamists.  Today we cannot think of going to countries like Egypt, where once western tourists happily stood in awe of the great pyramids.  Countries like France, Germany and England are struggling with the violent fruits of their politically correct policies in dealing with Muslim immigrants who abuse women and children and execute violence on innocent civilians every chance they get.  England, once the most civilized country in the world, is now reckoning with beheadings in its streets in broad daylight.

Islam-will-dominateTwelve years after radical Islamists hijacked our planes to kill as many innocent civilians as possible, children in our schools are made to say Muslim prayers, don the hijab, and cater to prayer time for Muslims in order to “understand” a whitewashed version of Muslim religion and culture.  The truth about the omnipresent violence and intolerance of Islam is never to be spoken.  Meanwhile Christian prayer is banned those same schools, our public places are being stripped of any references to our moral foundation, the Ten Commandments, or other Judeo-Christian references.  Christians and Jews are violently persecuted by devoted Islamists all over the globe while left-wing pundits still call Islam the “religion of peace.”  And today in 2013, there is a Million Muslim March happening in Washington D.C. where Muslims are actually protesting being victimized.  We have truly tumbled deep into the rabbit hole.

Those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan wonder (long since) what it was all for.  Because Bush’s policy of “winning hearts and minds” was the driving force for military action after our initial victory in Iraq in 2003, the rest of the war was executed not to win.  Our enemy is given more protection than our own warfighters whose hands are tied by absurd rules of engagement.  Now you have to be shot at twice and be able to confirm that the enemy has not put down his weapon after shooting before you can retaliate.  We have spent billions more than anything in Afghanistan is worth, and needlessly sacrificed our men and women while helping Afghanistan’s heroine trade to flourish.  And we now know that our soldiers may be deliberately sent to their deaths as happened in the case of Extortion 17.

Twelve years later, our own Department of Homeland “Security” proclaims that veterans who fought terrorists are the next likely terrorists, along Tea Partiers, abortion-opponents and anyone who believes in their right to defend themselves.  In a time of more violence than ever, our government is doing everything it can to disarm and stigmatize law-abiding citizens exercising their God-given right to bear arms.  The government is voluntarily impotent at protecting citizens from criminals and terrorists, and it doesn’t want us protecting ourselves either.

antiwarAnd who can forget that over a decade later peacenik nitwits old and young who flocked to anti-war and anti-Patriot-Act protests for eight years under Bush are trapped by their own fallacy that opposing President Obama (on war with Syria, or anything else) is racist.  At least Bush’s Patriot Act required a warrant and only monitored phone calls to and from known terrorists.  Now the NSA is spying on all of us without warrant for no reason except political disagreement.  NDAA proclaims you can be jailed indefinitely without trial, and narry a lefty protester in sight.  Now we know for sure – leftists don’t really oppose war, they don’t oppose spying, they don’t oppose assaults on our civil rights, they don’t believe in political dissent.  It’s all about opposing Republicans and conservatives.  No principle, no thought, just blind opposition.

Think what we could have done over twelve years with a dedicated, no-PC approach to stopping radical Islamist violence.  Think what violence could have been stopped, what radicals could have been deterred, had our representatives staunchly exposed the truth about Islamic jihadists.  What if they had greeted the whining question of anti-Bush pacifists, “Why do they hate us?” with the condescending ridicule it deserves?  This is not to suggest there is no room for hearts and minds.  However, you can’t appeal to radicals whose hearts and minds are set on violence and intolerance toward those who don’t believe as they do.  Unfortunately, they only respond to force.  We must have the fortitude to execute that force, and actually, if we stood strongly against these harbingers of war, violence, poverty and misery, we would win more hearts and minds.

We have Democrats and Republicans alike to thank for this sad state twelve years after “the first” 9-11 attacks.  Yet the incompetence and spinelessness in Washington has stimulated an awakening of patriots across the country who are rediscovering and returning to the principles on which our country was founded.  Not only that, they are waking to the urgency of action, abandoning the notion that we can go along with our lives, vote every four years and remain otherwise uninvolved.  Many are awakening to what that dedication of “our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor,” really meant in our Declaration of Independence.  Now that we have seen the fruits of twelve years of political correctness in the face of violent, intolerant, radical Islam, this is more important than ever.

TeaPartyByFreedomFanThis blog is called Political Animal based on Aristotle’s words from The Politics: “Man is, by nature, a political animal.”  He meant that, especially because we are endowed with speech, it is part of our human nature to be keenly involved in the affairs of our polis, or city-state.  To not be politically involved, you were not fulfilling your human nature.  What is happening in our country is our responsibility.  We must rediscover our human nature as Aristotle and the ancient Greeks saw it.  Only that engagement will foment the big changes we need to change the out-of-control direction of our country.  Delve into the principles of the American Founding and stand, speak out, run for office, become a Political Animal.  If we don’t, we are condemned to whatever those who are politically engaged impose upon us.  Twelve years after September 11, 2001, we know where that leads.


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