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Senator Cruz’s “Make DC Listen” Filibuster Leaves RINOs in the Dust

Senator Ted Cruz will soon close in on twenty-four hours on the Senate floor in an effort to “Make D.C. Listen” to the American people and fulfilling this promise: “I will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund Obamacare.”  So many hours later, he is just as articulate and fired up as he was in the first hour, making the case against the “train wreck” bill which all Republicans should have been making long since.  Americans across the continent have been clamoring for this kind of leadership and representation.  Republicans across the country should be watching with pen and paper in hand.

In these many hours with no teleprompter and few notes, Senator Cruz stands firmly articulating the arguments to defund Obamacare.  Full-time hours forcibly cut to part-time hours, thousands of workers laid off because businesses can’t afford to cover their health insurance, the invasive role government will play by taking over health care, the denigration of quality of and access to health care, and much more.  He has made the case for a free-market alternative to Obamacare that would include interstate competition which would result in lowered costs, more choice for the individual and coverage for preconditions.

CruzSenator Cruz has told story after story of those already negatively impacted by Obamacare.  In an unprecedented move he has been reading “tweets” from Twitter from the hash tags #MakeDCListen and #StopObamacare, truly giving the American people a voice on the Senate floor.  The People want the Senate to vote against Cloture, a procedural motion that would facilitate efforts by Senator Harry Reid and others to strip the defunding language from the Continuing Resolution passed by the House.

With the majority of Americans now understanding the negative repercussions of Obamacare and everyone from the Unions to the Tea Party against it, you would think the GOP would take this golden opportunity to unite with this bipartisan support against a law most of them admit they know is terrible.  But no, Republicans in Name Only across America are showing their true colors.  They remain absent from the Senate floor and continue to work against the American people and the few men, Senator Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, who are truly representing us.

“If we listen to the people,” Senator Cruz said, “if we make D.C. listen, this wouldn’t be about party.  This wouldn’t be about Democrats sticking to the bill they passed, this wouldn’t be about Republicans afraid of political blame and repercussions.  This would be about a hundred senators listening to the people and saying ‘This bill isn’t working.’”

Senator Cruz’s leadership is truly inspirational.  As I write he is going head to head with Senator Dick Durbin, and you would think he’d just woken up from a full night’s rest, astute and fresh as a daisy.  Twitter and Facebook are inundated with notes in support of the Filibuster and defunding Obamacare, and many stayed up all night to watch the Senator in solidarity.  Thousands of citizens have been flooding their representatives’ phone lines and inboxes with calls and emails to vote NO on Cloture and to stand with Senator Cruz.  The People are speaking.  Will DC listen?

How Far We’ve Come

It’s 2013, a911nd today we now refer to the terrorist attacks of 2001 as “the first” 9/11 attacks.  No longer simply a time to mourn the innocent civilians murdered on that day, our chests tighten as we wonder what jihadists around the world will do today and every year on this 090913_al_benghazi_640day.  A year after the 2011 the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, we are no closer to truly exposing the betrayal and vast cover-up by President Obama and his administration.  And while they refused to react appropriately to that act of war, now they want to force our military to side with jihadists in another country’s civil war.  Today we’re broke and the world is a much more dangerous place for everyone except jihadists, mostly because political correctness deliberately obstructs our ability to deal with radical Islam.  Just look how far we’ve come.

Twelve years later, Islam is thriving because of the government’s consistent and stubborn refusal to name the enemy and stand against them.  What started with the seemingly compassionate tactic of winning “hearts and minds” (instead of winning wars) under Bush has ended with the Obama administration purging all references to jihad and radical Islam from its documentation.  For the sake of those (silent) moderate Muslims who are too terrified to speak or stand against the jihadists, all must cower and stand vulnerable to violent attacks.  The thought that standing openly against radical Islam, even if it means the temporary discomfort of profiling, would actually do the most to protect moderate Muslims and everyone else, is not allowed.

Our borders are more open than ever, our immigration laws deliberately unenforced, and immigration standards lowered to farcicality.  Boston was bombed by a radical jihadist who was admitted into the country by – at best – politically correct government bureaucrats who deliberately ignored specific warnings about him.  The TSA uselessly invades our privacy while doing nothing to actually reduce the likelihood of attacks to our airlines.  Perfectly willing to molest little old ladies, babies, children and pets, they refuse to canvas for actual likely suspects.

Nowadays plans to travel abroad must include ever more serious consideration for the violence in countries increasingly permeated by Islamists.  Today we cannot think of going to countries like Egypt, where once western tourists happily stood in awe of the great pyramids.  Countries like France, Germany and England are struggling with the violent fruits of their politically correct policies in dealing with Muslim immigrants who abuse women and children and execute violence on innocent civilians every chance they get.  England, once the most civilized country in the world, is now reckoning with beheadings in its streets in broad daylight.

Islam-will-dominateTwelve years after radical Islamists hijacked our planes to kill as many innocent civilians as possible, children in our schools are made to say Muslim prayers, don the hijab, and cater to prayer time for Muslims in order to “understand” a whitewashed version of Muslim religion and culture.  The truth about the omnipresent violence and intolerance of Islam is never to be spoken.  Meanwhile Christian prayer is banned those same schools, our public places are being stripped of any references to our moral foundation, the Ten Commandments, or other Judeo-Christian references.  Christians and Jews are violently persecuted by devoted Islamists all over the globe while left-wing pundits still call Islam the “religion of peace.”  And today in 2013, there is a Million Muslim March happening in Washington D.C. where Muslims are actually protesting being victimized.  We have truly tumbled deep into the rabbit hole.

Those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan wonder (long since) what it was all for.  Because Bush’s policy of “winning hearts and minds” was the driving force for military action after our initial victory in Iraq in 2003, the rest of the war was executed not to win.  Our enemy is given more protection than our own warfighters whose hands are tied by absurd rules of engagement.  Now you have to be shot at twice and be able to confirm that the enemy has not put down his weapon after shooting before you can retaliate.  We have spent billions more than anything in Afghanistan is worth, and needlessly sacrificed our men and women while helping Afghanistan’s heroine trade to flourish.  And we now know that our soldiers may be deliberately sent to their deaths as happened in the case of Extortion 17.

Twelve years later, our own Department of Homeland “Security” proclaims that veterans who fought terrorists are the next likely terrorists, along Tea Partiers, abortion-opponents and anyone who believes in their right to defend themselves.  In a time of more violence than ever, our government is doing everything it can to disarm and stigmatize law-abiding citizens exercising their God-given right to bear arms.  The government is voluntarily impotent at protecting citizens from criminals and terrorists, and it doesn’t want us protecting ourselves either.

antiwarAnd who can forget that over a decade later peacenik nitwits old and young who flocked to anti-war and anti-Patriot-Act protests for eight years under Bush are trapped by their own fallacy that opposing President Obama (on war with Syria, or anything else) is racist.  At least Bush’s Patriot Act required a warrant and only monitored phone calls to and from known terrorists.  Now the NSA is spying on all of us without warrant for no reason except political disagreement.  NDAA proclaims you can be jailed indefinitely without trial, and narry a lefty protester in sight.  Now we know for sure – leftists don’t really oppose war, they don’t oppose spying, they don’t oppose assaults on our civil rights, they don’t believe in political dissent.  It’s all about opposing Republicans and conservatives.  No principle, no thought, just blind opposition.

Think what we could have done over twelve years with a dedicated, no-PC approach to stopping radical Islamist violence.  Think what violence could have been stopped, what radicals could have been deterred, had our representatives staunchly exposed the truth about Islamic jihadists.  What if they had greeted the whining question of anti-Bush pacifists, “Why do they hate us?” with the condescending ridicule it deserves?  This is not to suggest there is no room for hearts and minds.  However, you can’t appeal to radicals whose hearts and minds are set on violence and intolerance toward those who don’t believe as they do.  Unfortunately, they only respond to force.  We must have the fortitude to execute that force, and actually, if we stood strongly against these harbingers of war, violence, poverty and misery, we would win more hearts and minds.

We have Democrats and Republicans alike to thank for this sad state twelve years after “the first” 9-11 attacks.  Yet the incompetence and spinelessness in Washington has stimulated an awakening of patriots across the country who are rediscovering and returning to the principles on which our country was founded.  Not only that, they are waking to the urgency of action, abandoning the notion that we can go along with our lives, vote every four years and remain otherwise uninvolved.  Many are awakening to what that dedication of “our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor,” really meant in our Declaration of Independence.  Now that we have seen the fruits of twelve years of political correctness in the face of violent, intolerant, radical Islam, this is more important than ever.

TeaPartyByFreedomFanThis blog is called Political Animal based on Aristotle’s words from The Politics: “Man is, by nature, a political animal.”  He meant that, especially because we are endowed with speech, it is part of our human nature to be keenly involved in the affairs of our polis, or city-state.  To not be politically involved, you were not fulfilling your human nature.  What is happening in our country is our responsibility.  We must rediscover our human nature as Aristotle and the ancient Greeks saw it.  Only that engagement will foment the big changes we need to change the out-of-control direction of our country.  Delve into the principles of the American Founding and stand, speak out, run for office, become a Political Animal.  If we don’t, we are condemned to whatever those who are politically engaged impose upon us.  Twelve years after September 11, 2001, we know where that leads.

Engaged Citizens Making A Difference

Rachel Maddow’s Comic Strip Thinking

You know you’re doing something right in politics when your political opposition thinks you’re enough of a threat to warrant a ten-minute diatribe on MSNBC.   Rachel Maddow recently took aim at at the Heritage Foundation and in particular, the volunteers of its sister organization, Heritage Action, called Sentinels.  Although Maddow’s planned tactic was ridicule, Sentinels are downright giddy at being singled out by the half-wit on MSNBC.  It means we’re being effective so they need to try to take us out.  We’re just sorry the network is one of the least-watched in America with dismal ratings, or the segment might have gotten more play.

MaddowMaddow’s tactic is to be so snarky and condescending as to appear authoritative.  Of course, it’s easy to ramble incessantly when there’s no one there to refute your hack logic.  The segment begins with an illogical rant about how ca-razy Rush Limbaugh was for noting the coincidence of Hollywood’s release of The Dark Knight Rises with its villain, Bane, contrasted with the at-the-time hot and highly derided topic Mitt Romney’s business, Bain Capital.  Maddow thinks this is so off the wall because, like, the comic-book villain was originally created twenty years ago.  Really?  Leave it to Maddow to answer a question no one is asking: Was the villain originally conceived to create a negative association with Romney’s Bain Capital?  Hardly, but Rush has a point that the homophone could well have had that effect on oh-so-astute Obama voters (anyone remember the woman who thought she’d never have to pay another bill once he was elected?) with the release of the movie just before the 2012 presidential election.  This is too much of a stretch of an association for Maddow.  Why is she bringing all this up?  Because she needs a segue to the Marvel Comics villains, the Sentinels.

Created in 1965 and rated by IGN as merely the 38th best villain in their top 100 list, this is an obvious association for Maddow for Heritage Action’s modern-day group of grassroots folks who are informed and involved in their state, local, and national politics.  She says, “Come on, the Sentinels, among the greatest comic book villains in the history of the comic book villains.”  Really?  38th is the greatest?  Huh.  She continues,

“…The sentinels are robots who decide to dominate humanity for our own good. ‘We are the Sentinels.  Our brain is superior to your brain.’  It’s hard to believe that the Heritage Foundation didn’t know this, didn’t Google it. The Sentinels are part of the “X men” series… This is what everybody thinks of when we already do think of the Sentinels.  Zap.  Fry.  Submit to my superior brain…”

sentinel-logoHear that, Heritage?  You could’ve, like, Googled it before you started your program!  If you do Google it, one of your first results is indeed the comic strip characters, offered by that bastion of objective knowledge, Wikipedia.  Good research, that.  The word associations of the masses will of course depend on how many Comicon enthusiasts made up your sampling and, markedly, their reading level.  What is clear is that Rachel Maddow definitely wants the term to conjure images for you shallow thinkers of take-over-the-world mutant-hunter comic villains.  For the rest of us with any modicum of literacy, the term “Sentinel” conjures images of…its definition: sentry; and its synonyms: guardian, watchman, keeper, custodian, and lookout.  Don’t disturb Rachel with the fact that this word has been around for the better part of five hundred years.

Maddow is depending on the idea that a comic strip is where your thinking will end when you hear “Sentinel.”  But there’s a new association in modern culture for the word, brought to you care of Heritage Action.  A name in common with a comic strip doesn’t diminish the mission or effectiveness of today’s conservative grassroots activists who have happily found support in the highly respected Heritage Foundation, whose Scorecards on key votes have representatives thinking twice about voting on the liberal side.  It also won’t deter these activists who would be doing the same whether Heritage Action existed or not.

Incidentally, Maddow is stumped about Heritage’s choice of Jim DeMint as its new president.  She says, “Senator DeMint managed to breeze through eight years in the U.S. senate without a single landmark law to call his own. For a place that wants to style itself as a think tank, a policy shop, a research institution, Jim DeMint was a weird hire to be their president.”  I’m sure if she’d been consulted on Heritage’s hiring decision, she indeed would not have chosen the (only) man whose voting record was given a score by Heritage Action of 99% conservative.

Maddow tries to frame the Heritage Action Sentinels as “honor-bound to Heritage to hold Congress accountable,” as if we’ve got nothing better to do than mindlessly obey orders.  To the contrary, we are involved citizens keeping our representatives accountable, now with the help of Heritage, because we are their bosses and their bad, mostly liberal decisions have helped put the economy, healthcare, education, immigration and foreign policy in the toilet.  We are a serious threat to the left in their endeavors to take away our Natural Rights and subordinate us to the will of the State while using our own money to do it.  We’re happy to be in the crosshairs.  It means we’re a force to be reckoned with, and we’re winning.  Proud #Sentinels.

The Real War on Women is Sending Them Into Combat

Click image to get your copy

Robert L. Maginnis has done a tremendous service to the debate on opening American combat units to women in his new book, Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women Into Combat.  This is a must-read for any woman thinking of joining the military and, indeed, anyone with a daughter, sister, or 18-26-year old female loved one.  With clarity, detail and extensive research, Maginnis shows that the arguments being made (by radical feminists, leftist politicians, and politician-like top military brass) in favor of women in combat dismiss and ignore the most important considerations of the problem.  While they argue that it is an issue of equality, Maginnis shows why the scientific biological differences between men and women put women at a serious disadvantage on the battlefield, destroy operational standards and military readiness.  The policy will further sexualize the military and extinguish the masculine spirit of the combat units and Special Forces – a spirit vital to a strong, winning military.  Standards must necessarily be lowered so that more women can “succeed,” while in reality women cannot perform at the level necessary to close with and destroy the enemy.  Fifty years of data have proven this, and it continues to be proved today as women wash out of, for example, the Marine Corps infantry officer’s course.

Maginnis acknowledges the valuable contributions of women in the military and in our wars past and present.  Even so, women are injured twice to four times as much as men, or more.  They are leaving deployments at three times the rate of men, and mostly for non-combat-related issues.  This is not enhancing our ability to fight, as feminists argue, it’s absolutely destroying it (that is the goal).  The toll of putting women into combat units will be taken in greater female casualties, motherless children, psychological turmoil, sexual assaults, and more brutal torture if captured by the enemy than men historically have endured.  This, he rightly points out, is the real war on women.

Deadly Consequences derides the cowardly politicians and politically motivated military brass who have allowed themselves to be intimidated by feminist bullying and Obama’s leftist agenda (Bush not being much better with regard to military policy) rather than promoting policies that keep readiness and troop welfare the topmost priorities.  Through interviews, surveys and more, Maginnis verifies that most military men and women themselves are not in favor.  Pushing women into combat units sets everyone up for failure, and the enemy cares nothing for diversity quotas.  In fact, he says, they have historically fought more viciously when women are on the battlefield.   He takes each oft-cited country that has tried putting women in combat and exposes that they lowered their standards (Canada) , don’t actually put their women at the front (Israel), haven’t had a need for serious military readiness (New Zealand, Norway, Germany) or abandoned the policy altogether (Russia).

Perhaps the most powerful insight Deadly Consequences provides is the witness of experienced combat veterans.  No one reading the accounts of brutal warfare in places such as Najaf and Korea can dismiss the real bloodshed into which we would be sending our women if we don’t demand that our representatives to oppose this dangerous policy.  Maginnis explains the differences in the types of engagements we have faced, contrasting previous wars with the counterinsurgency tactics of Iraq and Afghanistan.  He also warns us against assuming the draft will never again be used.  Once combat units are open to women, the Supreme Court will necessarily rule excluding women from the draft unconstitutional.

Much of the American population has no military experience to inform their opinions on this important issue, making this book even more timely and valuable.  Maginnis gives the lie that adding women to combat units reduces sexual assault, the lie that it enhances military readiness, the lie that it benefits the men.  None of the arguments for women in combat withstands scrutiny.  Deadly Consequences will give the reader a comprehensive yet easy-to-digest understanding of what is at stake if we choose to let these cowards push our women into combat.

The Amnesty Albatross

Americans know intrinsically that the Amnesty bill is a disaster waiting to happen that will destroy this country.  No matter Mark Zuckerberg’s “Americans for a Conservative Direction” ad propaganda and the like attempts at persuasion from Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8.  There are no real mandates for border security, no plans for properly handling and deporting criminals.  We have 20 million Americans out of work – disproportionately veterans and minorities.  Millions have lost their homes.  There is no regard for the even-more millions of jobs that will be lost by citizens and legal immigrants to cheap illegal labor.  There is no plan for how to enforce these tens of millions learning English or the other criteria for legalization, no realistic consideration for the cost of adding and training additional staff to handle the heavily increased demand.   The fine illegals will have to pay is not nearly what most legal immigrants pay over the course of years, travels, time and ink spent on the process – after having declared the actual desire to become American citizens and proved income stability, health and passed background checks.  That’s aside from the flagrant dereliction that let the Tsarnaev brothers through.  The millions whose first act in America was to break the law will not go to the back of the line, they will live as they have been: ignoring our laws and taking advantage of taxpayer-funded services.  Our U.S. Immigration personnel already can’t handle their current responsibilities, and our border and law enforcement agents are prevented from enforcing current law.  Americans past, present and future see this bill as the catastrophe it is.  Votes that push it through will be an albatross around each representative’s neck in 2014 and far beyond.

If they cared about securing the border, they would have a bill just for that and do it.  Build the fence.  Put the boots on the ground and arm them with bullets, not just bean bags.  Don’t apologize for it – we just suffered the Boston Marathon bombing.  If they were truly compassionate they would push for more scrutiny of immigrants coming to the U.S. and give no quarter to criminals.  But they won’t even ensure that our current laws are enforced, yielding and passive in the face of Janet Napolitano’s catch-and-release policy.  When Sequestration was the hot topic thousands of illegal alien criminals were released in its name, and those supposedly conservative Republicans pushing for Amnesty now didn’t stop it.  Nor did they stop the cuts that only managed to affect the military – those who would enforce border security – and tours of the White House.  The National Endowment for the Arts is thriving with narry a budgetary cut in sight.  Big bird?  Still getting paid.

Some Republicans are claiming Amnesty is the conservative thing to do, but such arguments rang false even before the Boston bombing.  As defenders of the Constitution, they are supposed to protect citizens – we are of all races and backgrounds.  Now they want to entrust with 14-30 million (depending whom you ask) more people the same US Immigration bozos who ignored Russia’s warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers twice and let them in…and out and in again before they bombed innocent civilians in a foot race?

If Amnesty passes, pleading diversity and compassion will mean less than nothing.  Voting in support of the Gang of 8 will show anything but compassion for the American citizens who hired them and pay salary, and the legal immigrants who followed the law.  They will be held responsible – by both parties and all races, citizens and non- – for the further and faster destruction of the economy and our security, with each strike from a foreign jihadist on their hands.  What they should be spending their time holding responsible those involved in the myriad of Obama administration scandals:  The IRS’ political targeting of conservatives, the NSA’s PRISM spying program, the Benghazi cover-up, the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal, and they should initiate a congressional inquiry on the Extortion 17 shoot-down.

The failure of the FARM bill which so many Republicans were hot to support shows that all is not completely lost in Washington.  Does this mean common sense will prevail?  So many RINOs seem to be turning a deaf ear to their conservative constituents while claiming to be conservative.  Conservatism sure matters to them when they’re running.  What’s ironic is that in supporting the Gang of 8’s Amnesty plan they would be destroying the very country in which they’ve prospered so far.  They are pushing the same policies that failed yesterday – the policies that fail every time because a bad idea will yield bad results regardless of who’s executing.  With porous borders open for suicide bombers we can’t afford to repeat these mistakes.  We know this won’t work and we will pay with our liberty, our livelihoods and our lives.

Despite the constant barrage of bad proposals, false advertising, and continued arrogance from Republicans and Democrats alike, we the people are still sovereign.  So are our votes.  Neither will be if the Gang of 8’s plan passes.  This article is being rewritten as a letter to every representative I can contact.  I hope you will do this too.  Borrow from this piece, I don’t mind.  Call them, visit their offices.  The vote hasn’t happened yet and there is still time to sound off.  Continue to educate yourself for each time this same bad proposal comes up (the documentary linked below is a great place to start).  Demand that your representatives focus on their duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.   That is their first oath.  We must hold them to it!

Contact Your Representative

They Come To America

Those Who Gave All

I have always thought that everyone who joins the military is noble in some way.  It doesn’t matter the reason for signing up, and there are so many.  Some join to fight for America, some follow in their military family’s footsteps, some for an education, some to turn their lives around, some to escape poverty and gain skills and opportunity.  Some even join because they like the uniform.  In all cases, look at what we are willing to do, to risk in order to educate ourselves, turn our lives around, to earn that uniform, to fight for America.  We promise to defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we sign that blank check knowing that really, no matter our particular military occupational specialty or whether we signed up in peacetime or during war, we may be called to the front, that check endorsed.  We promise to pay in full if we must, no matter why we signed up.  Hopefully we appreciate our American military every day, especially our infantry and Special Forces who take the greatest risks.  On Veteran’s day we acknowledge and honor those who served in the war zones.  Today we honor those who paid in full and reflect on how very special it is that they were willing to give their lives for us.

I think about the families who go on with an empty place at their table that was once full of life and love.  No matter who they were, no matter why they joined, they made good on their promise and they gave all in order that our American freedoms be preserved, that our American way of life could be enjoyed for another day.  Truly we cannot be reminded too often that our right to say what we please, to do what we please and to make whatever we want of our free lives does not come for free.  It is paid for with the blood of our heroes.  Our rights and freedoms are protected at a very, very high price, a price the families of the fallen are reminded of every day that they must live without their loved one.  America has always been so blessed to have so many men and women willing to make that sacrifice to preserve her.  We are truly the home of the free because of the brave.

In America’s infancy they fought under the worst of conditions – limited or no supplies, food, shoes, weapons and ammunition – with the worst of odds against a far greater military enemy.  They had no modern conveniences and little protection except each other.  And still they fought and died for the idea of America that didn’t yet exist.  The gruesome Civil War pitted even brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, yet they were willing to lay down their lives for America, and in so doing preserved the Union and abolished slavery.  Through their sacrifice, American heroes saved the world from Fascism, Tyranny and genocide in World Wars I and II.  They fought Communism in awful jungle conditions against a vicious enemy in Vietnam and in the austere and freezing terrain of Korea.  We have fought the homicidal Jihadists from Iraq to Afghanistan so that those who so love death and subjugation will not prevail against freedom-loving peoples.  So many empty places at the table…

Those who have laid down their lives for us are from every place in the nation, from every walk of life.  They are religious, or somewhat religious, or not religious at all. They are the spectrum of political affiliation or none, and each fallen hero fought and died so that all of us could have ours – whatever we chose.  America, the most exceptional and diverse country in the world, has the most exceptional and diverse fighting force in the world.  We fight together no matter what because nowhere else in the world has such diversity been free to flourish.

As we remember these fallen heroes today, our liberty has never been at more risk.  We continue to face vicious enemies, both foreign and domestic.  We must not let our heroes’ sacrifice be in vain.  In fact, we must work with constant vigilance to ensure that it is not.  While men are willing to die on battlefields the world over for the sake of our freedoms, it is incumbent upon us to be involved in our country’s political processes at home – for the sake of those same freedoms.  We cannot tune out because we are busy, we have our own lives to worry about, or because we find politics distasteful.  Politics have always been and will always be distasteful.  But this distaste is nothing compared to what our military heroes have faced on the battle field to ensure that American liberty would endure.  We cannot sit idly by while our “representatives” lose the country our men died protecting.

To those souls who died for me, I offer my undying gratitude and the promise that I, for one, will not let that sacrifice be in vain.  THANK YOU FOR MY FREEDOM!






Boston Terror and The Cover-Up President

The only thing more sickening than yesterday’s terrorist attack on Boston is Barak Obama’s response to it, and the knowledge that nothing will really be done unless it is despite this administration.  It was a terrorist attack regardless of who is responsible because the terror tactic of bombing – to maim and kill as many as possible – was used.  This is not jumping to conclusions as Obama told us we should not do, it is a factual description, one he himself could not bring himself to give yesterday.

It was over three hours from when the bombs went off before our President addressed the nation, mustering as much emotion as if he were folding socks.  Let me be clear.  We know what to expect from this excuse for a chief executive.  His response to terrorist Nadal Hassan’s massacre of unarmed men and women in a gun-free zone while screaming “Allahu Akhbar!!!” was to call it workplace violence.  He didn’t want us to jump to conclusions then either.  That was a terrorist attack by a Jihadist, a coward too gutless to meet our brave military on the field of battle.  That he is still awaiting trial is a national disgrace.

We got a similarly cold and monotone response to that preventable horror of Benghazi where our ambassador and the Americans defending him were brutally tortured and murdered, along with the empty promise that the perps would be brought to justice.  We’re still waiting.  The fact that some are entertaining the idea that Hilary Clinton could be the 2016 presidential nominee, blood freshly on her hands and arrogant in the face of questions rightly asked of her, is a testament not only to the newly titled “low-information voter,” but the deep extent of the media’s complicity.  Today’s voters wouldn’t be nearly so low-info if America’s so-called journalists would do their jobs: report and ask hard questions.  They are not doing so with regard to Boston either.  To them, Tea Partiers who commit no acts of violence are just as likely suspects as the Jihadists who always use terror.  This administration has been cultivating this belief system for many years now.  It is perfect Saul Alinsky.

Obama’s flimsy response to terror and violence shouldn’t be a surprise.  The college buddy of domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn is quite comfortable with such tactics if they suit his revolutionary ends.  He had no chastisement for the property-destroying, flea-infested, anti-Semitic rapists of the Occupy movement.  He understood them.  He praised the violent and militant uprisings in Egypt that ousted our ally and peace-keeper with Israel, Mubarak.  He supported the violent and illegal overthrow of Qaddafi, now replaced by more militant extremists.  With such tendencies and sympathies, a stance against terror rings pretty hollow.

Further, Obama has given our enemies – the enemies of freedom worldwide who use terror tactics as a rule – weapons, tanks and planes.  He has invited the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.  He has been silent on their crimes against humanity and those of their home countries, Islamic theocracies that condone the subjugation, mutilation, rape, and murder of women, children and gays.  And the media just cannot bring themselves to contrast his sidling up to these monsters while claiming support of gays in America.

What Saul Alinsky taught has chaos at its roots – cause chaos, destroy the system – any system (and any system thereafter – it is a game of perpetual uprising and demolition).   How do you do this in a country where the citizens revel in self-reliance, the rule of law, strength and success?  You destroy the basis of its strength, starting with the family unit.  You say all lifestyles are equal, abortion is a right and label anyone who thinks killing babies is wrong as an extremist.  You indoctrinate and control children through government schools – you tell parents it takes a village.  You bully and feminize the men who would otherwise lead – you do it in the name of faaaaaaairness.  You defame those with a higher faith so that others will not want to ascribe to faith, and they will be more easily controlled.  You undermine law enforcement so that people don’t trust cops and assume they are racist and corrupt.  You stigmatize the one set of heroes in the population who fights to protect the rest – the military.  You tell the people that returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are the most likely terrorists so that everyday citizens will fear them.  You don’t allow real terrorists to be called what they are.  You defend the most violent, racist, misogynistic, homophobic religion on the planet.  You call it a religion of peace. You repeal DADT and then anyone harassed or assaulted by his fellow soldier is just a homophobe whose career will soon be over.  You put women into combat units where the high standards will have to be lowered to accommodate them, and between the two policies you weaken and dilute  the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen.  Then you tell the people it is too dangerous for them to be able to defend themselves with guns.  You tell them they should give up that right.

And when a bomb hits, who will the people turn to?

Let me be clear.  The State, cold and detached much like Obama himself, will be there, dictating, with their press lapdogs telling you terrorism is over and the economy is swell.  They will tell you whom to suspect of violence – Tea Partiers who have no record of violence.  They will punish you for suspecting Jihadists and their long history of violence.

If we are able to pull through this, if we are able to turn this reality around, it won’t be because of any help from Obama and his administration – it will be in spite of them.  It will be because we replace them with better servants of the people.  Luckily we are still fighting to keep our Constitutional rights, to preserve life, marriage, family, our livelihoods, we still respect our veterans and law enforcement and we still look to them to protect us.  But we are fighting tooth and nail and the outcome is anything but certain.

In Boston yesterday, the emergency responders, law enforcement, the doctors and nurses treating the wounded, and the just-everyday-people who helped those in need, they are the silver rays in this dark scene.  Their existence is what shows us that our faith in humanity should still burn bright, that we must keep fighting.  My heart breaks for those who lost loved ones, for those who were wounded and suffered the trauma of this attack.  I am sick about it.  Boston is close to my heart.  It was where my mom and grandparents grew up, where my parents met, where my brother was born.  I’m glad it didn’t harm more people.  I’m praying for all those affected.  I’m praying for our country.

I have not lost faith in my fellows or humanity.  It is Obama and his administration (and its surrogate, the media) – from whom the rest of the country is supposed to take its cues – that has long since lost my faith.  I am hoping that more people are waking up and will help us fight this.  As events like the Hassan massacre and its anything-but-swift justice, the Benghazi attack and Obama’s cover-up, and now the Boston Marathon bombing take place, I hope more people will wake as we sound the alarm that tyranny has its hands around our collective throat and we must free ourselves before it is too late.

What Happened to “Never Again”?

Human Rights activist Pamela Geller was scheduled to speak at the Great Neck Synagogue on April 14th until the synagogue’s officials caved to the bully tactics of Islamic bigot Habeeb Ahmed and others who relentlessly threatened and browbeat them should they go through with her speaking engagement.  Ahmed’s kind loath open dialogue and ruthlessly vilify anyone who speaks the truth about the violence and extremism so prevalent in Islam.  Pamela GellerThey vilified Geller and threatened among other things to march against the synagogue.  The GNS’s officials could have resisted these threats, they could have championed free speech loudly.  They could have weathered that storm and stood courageously, righteously against these present-day Nazis who were trying to deny their first amendment rights.  Instead they acquiesced, and now they will never be able to live down their utter spinelessness.  As Steve Goldberg so aptly put it, “They have disgraced their congregation, their families and the entire Jewish community.”

Here is the Great Neck Synagogue Executive Committee’s statement:

“As the notoriety and media exposure of the planned program this Sunday have increased, so has the legal liability and potential security exposure of our institution and it’s [sic] member families. In an era of heightened security concerns it is irresponsible to jeopardize the safety of those who call Great Neck Synagogue home, especially our children, even at the risk of diverting attention from a potentially important voice in the ongoing debate. Accordingly, the Great Neck Synagogue Men’s Club will no longer be sponsoring the appearance of Pamela Geller this coming Sunday, and no event will be taking place in our facility.”

freespeechzoneThe Great Neck Synagogue could have dealt with the harassment and intimidation in any number of ways.  Notably, they could have widely publicized it, but instead Geller herself was the one to expose it on her website Atlas Shruggs along with Tom Trento of The United West.  In the face of threats to march on the synagogue, they could have rallied the community to band together and stand firmly against the oppression of free speech.  They could have counter-protested.  If they indeed felt their children were threatened, they could have requested police protection and again, exposed those (illegal) threats publicly.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch writes:

 “[T]he precedent is reinforced that smear campaigns work, and that all the foes of freedom have to do in order to shut down any voices opposed to them is mount a campaign simultaneously vilifying and demonizing their targeted speaker and showing the host the price he will have to pay for featuring the target.”

I have lived and worked in Great Neck and family of mine lived there for nearly their whole lives.  It is a very strong community.  I can’t help but remember on 9-11 the train station parking lots filled with cars that would never be retrieved by those who worked in the Twin Towers.  Great Neck, like many New York City suburbs, was devastated by that terrorist attack.  It is shocking that they would capitulate to the terrorist tactic of threatening violence and protest to stifle free speech.  On second thought, maybe it isn’t so shocking.  Great Neck is also a very liberal community, prone to the fake clichés of diversity, tolerance, and Islam as a religion of peace.  Perhaps it is more surprising that they stood against the threats as long as they did.  But by surrendering, they have betrayed themselves, each other, and Jews the world over.  They have betrayed everyone who has fought to protect and defend their first amendment rights and they have paved the way for more such intimidation to take place.

As Hitler was gathering power and imposing in 1930’s Germany, the Jews and others kept giving their oppressors the benefit of the doubt.  They let the Nazis take their weapons, close their businesses, shove them into ghettos.  They told themselves it was just temporary.  So many didn’t fight back and didn’t realize the mortal threat against them until the camp gates slammed home.  Anti-Semitism is more prevalent today than ever.  Muslim extremists all over the world proclaim their hatred of the Jews and all freedom-loving peoples, they call daily for the destruction of Israel and the Jews.  They teach their children to hate, not to live in peace with their neighbors.  They thrash the right to speak freely worldwide, they demand the slaughter of anyone who disagrees with them or speaks out against them.  We know their aim.  Stopping free speech and open dialog is just the beginning of subjugation.  Yielding to their threats while we are still in a free America is reprehensible.  Shame on the officials of the Great Neck Synagogue.

You can write to the Great Neck Synagogue at 26 Old Mill Rd. Great Neck, NY 11023

Reflections on Autism Awareness

Dedicated to my mother, father and my brother Josh

April 2nd is “World Autism Day,” and April is Autism Awareness month.  From the 1940’s to the 1970s, Autism was a misunderstood set of symptoms associated with schizophrenia and often treated as the result of parental neglect. We certainly have come a long way from routine institutionalization and treatments like LSD and electroshock “therapy.”  Today, Autism is understood to be a wide range of essentially neurological conditions.  A diagnosis begins broad-brush as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and the investigation of possible causes and remedies has become serious and respectable.

Josh 001My mother knew my brother, Josh, was autistic when he was two years old because in college she had worked in Boston as a volunteer with a brilliant pioneer, Fred Krell. Josh wasn’t correctly diagnosed by the psychiatrists, who were regarded as the go-to experts.  They assumed and asserted that Josh’s difficulties were her fault, that she was doing something wrong.  Through the 1980’s this was a common “diagnosis.”  It was psychiatrist and physician Leo Kanner who wrote in 1949 that autistic children “were left neatly in refrigerators which did not defrost.  Their withdrawal seems to be an act of turning away from such a situation to seek comfort in solitude.”[1]  This gave rise to the term “Refrigerator mothers” because a mother’s supposed frigidity was thought to be to blame for the Autistic child’s anti-social behavior and inability to communicate like other children. This false stigma was still going strong through the late eighties.  Josh wasn’t correctly diagnosed until he was ten, but even so psychiatrists had no remedy or help to offer, and essentially left parents with only one option: he should be institutionalized, if they could afford it.  My parents saw how badly kids were treated in such facilities and they set out to do better.  And indeed they did.

Josh is a high-functioning Autistic.  He is a walking encyclopedia who had read all of Shakespeare by the time he was nine, can look in the sky and tell you what is a planet and what is a star and how far away they are, and what the night sky’s constellations look like – in this or a different season.  He knows eighteen languages, eleven of which he taught himself – not including the language he made up to tease me with when we were young.  A punishment for him when we were kids was that he could only have two language dictionaries at a time.  Luckily for Josh our dad is a college professor and books have always been in profusion in our home.  It is fascinating to have a conversation with him, but his different thinking makes it impossible for him to hold down a steady job or live alone without (sometimes near-constant) guidance and supervision.

It wasn’t easy, but because of my parents’ hard work and help from some angel souls along the way like Dr. Kris, who tutored, mentored and befriended Josh, he was able to graduate from high school and college and has a full life of his favorite things – books, writing, painting, walks, the satisfaction of work he can do and a home and community in which he thrives.  That community includes HOPE – a group brought together through a local church where special needs kids get together for games and activities and their parents get together for mutual support.

JoshWhen Josh and I were growing up, there were no Walks for Autism, April was just another month, no one put out blue light-bulbs or wore sky-blue shirts for Autism Speaks’ “Light It Up Blue” for raising Autism awareness.  My parents learned everything about raising Josh through trial and error and hard knocks.  I know no one stronger or smarter than my mother and father, and anyone who knows the parents of children with special needs understands their heroism.  An especially trying facet of raising an Autistic child is that the tendency toward detachment means that no matter how much love and affection he receives, he may never express love and affection for his parents.

Organizations like the Autism Society and Autism Speaks are well intentioned and have done a lot to raise awareness, bring families together and help to mainstream the presence of special needs children.  But for years I have noticed that their fundraising is centered on lobbying government for research, creating policy and councils, and to provide programs and services to be funded by taxpayers.  This I think is a dead end.  Voluntary associations, not government agencies and programs, are far better equipped to help, and people who really want to help are far more likely to deliver it if they can do so in person rather than channeling other people’s money to agencies for distribution.  Government agencies also cannot do what the parents of special needs children have been doing all along.

The first incarnation of special needs government policy was the Mental Retardation Facilities Construction Act of 1963 signed by John F. Kennedy.  Revised and renamed over the years, it wasn’t until 1987 that the role of the family was even recognized in the bill now known as the Developmental Disabilities Act.

The term “special needs” is a good one because it clarifies what it takes to raise children with disabilities – there is no blanket treatment or program.  Every special needs child is different and treatment that works for one often won’t work for another.  There’s not even a blanket diagnosis: Autism is now called Autism Spectrum disorder because the degrees vary so greatly.  Some Autistics can’t speak or control their movements, some have limited or no speech, some are more sensitive to sound than others.  When my brother was little, the sound of rain was to him like machine guns, it would send him screaming and crying as he covered his ears.  It was my mother and father who developed the understanding of Josh’s needs – no government program or service could ever do or learn what they did, partly because it took loving parents being with him constantly to understand and treat him.  No government agency can replicate parents.

Government programs seem to be the worst investment for families who need help that is individually tailored. The real achievement of associations like Autism Speaks is to bring the families together.  I often wonder whether the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by events like the Walk for Autism would be better spent by being given directly to families or by establishing private programs.

All government service programs cannot care for people the way individuals and private voluntary associations can.  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are all bankrupt, fraud-ridden, out of date, and in need of massive overhauls.  Foster care is an atrocity because it pays people for housing children; an agency can’t hold them accountable if they do not actually raise the children because no agency can pay them to do what a parent does.  Like the Visa ad says, that is priceless.  Public schools – capital “F” Failed. Why entrust those with special needs to the people who fail to educate all the children who don’t have special needs?  It makes no real sense for these families to turn to the entity that not only fails at everything it does, but wastes billions of tax-payer dollars doing it.

Every aspect for which the organizations lobby government could be done privately.  The couple who founded Autism Speaks, Bob and Suzanne Wright, earned their wealth in the private sector and used it to develop the non-profit because their grandson is Autistic.  This is how all charities and services used to come about.  The nation’s first hospital was founded by private citizens Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond and still stands in Pennsylvania.  Carnegie Hall, the Empire State building, all the nation’s original colleges, even Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge came from individuals in the private sector.

I don’t in any way mean to malign the efforts of these organizations.  I have put that puzzle piece magnet on my car, I’ve done the Walk for Autism in years past.  It is wonderful to have these non-profits bringing families together, connecting them to vital resources and information to help them on the journey.  Today’s parents of special needs children don’t have the uphill climb that my parents did, they don’t have to figure everything out themselves.  That is the real accomplishment of these organizations, bringing our greatest resources – each other – together.


[1] Kanner L (1949). “Problems of nosology and psychodynamics in early childhood autism”. Am J Orthopsychiatry 19 (3): 416–26.


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