About Jude

JudeEdenVisual thinker and learner type.  Daughter of scholars, a mom from Boston and a dad from Berkeley California who now teaches politics and the Constitution at Hillsdale, where I was fortunate to attend.  Both grew up in life-long Democrat families and came to conservatism through hard-earned experience and study.  After Carter it was “Never again!” and I have benefited from their knowledge.   That is, after I was finished rebelling against it.  Proud sister of a high-functioning autistic whom I affectionately call “The Walking Encyclopedia.”  I’ve sojourned in far-left and far-right circles, and everything in between.  If I could have one superpower it would be to understand and speak all languages.  I love music, art, gardening, travel and books.  Proud and loving wife of a Brazilian immigrant.  Hallmark Institute of Photography grad.  After pursuing my love of photography for several years, the digital camera age pushed me out of love.  And increasingly at odds with my circle of friends, artists and musicians vehemently opposed to the War on Terror.  I was not, and at a certain point, I realized I wanted to do more than talk about it.  When I decided to join the Marines, my friends couldn’t believe it.  In fact I lost a lot of them.  Once I was in, my Marines pegged me as the artist type and couldn’t believe I’d joined.  “I’m not a hippy!” I’d protest.  And I’m not, nor was I ever, I’m just the imaginative type.  I break paradigms.  I survived Iraq frisking women for explosives and thyroid cancer.  Writing and political engagement is how I continue to fight for my country, and I pull no punches.

Like daydreamy, mysterious, original cello music with a few surprises? Then you’ll love my new solo album, In the Key of J.

Also check out Upstarts & Rogues, my folk-blues guitar-cello duo and our album Twain Shall Meet.

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