About Jude

JudeEdenI write on politics and culture with a current focus on women in combat.  Daydreamer, thinker, learner type. Writer, cello player, singer, poet, Marine OIF vet, martial arts enthusiast, IT systems admin, cancer survivor.  Daughter of scholars, proud sister of a high-functioning autistic affectionately known as “The Walking Encyclopedia.”  Loving wife of a handsome Brazilian immigrant.  Graduate of Hillsdale College and the Hallmark Institute of Photography. I’ve sojourned in far-left and far-right circles, and in between.  If I could have one superpower it would be to understand and speak all languages. I pull no punches.  Semper Fi, do or die!


The Marines

I served for an enlistment from 2004-2008 as an 0651, Data Communications, and was stationed at Camp Lejeune.  I deployed with my unit to support Camp Fallujah’s computer communications for 8 months in 2005-6, and was also assigned checkpoint duty working with the Marine Infantry frisking women for explosives outside the wire.  I’m a passionate advocate for high standards of combat readiness, and I love the Marine Corps and its men and women.  America’s outermost shield is made up of her sons and daughters.  We should give those at the very front lines everything they need and clear away anything they don’t to ensure success in battle with the fewest casualties.

For a break from politics, check out my new solo album of original cello compositions, In the Key of J and Upstarts & Rogues, my folk-blues guitar-cello duo and our album Twain Shall Meet.

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11 responses to “About Jude

  • Jeff

    My father until his death was a democrat and union president. Yet many aspects he was in favor of were conservative. He was a union man, until his death and for him that meant democrat. If he were alive today, he might be tempted to change his tune. He was a coal miner.

  • Carl Samet

    Found you!

  • Barbara

    Trying to come up with a great sentence to say “you have done well and I applaud you” and this is that sentence.

  • Charlie Costello

    Thank you for the article about women in combat roles. I have long been opposed to this.

  • Efrem Gibson

    Ms. Eden,

    Would you be interested in contributing a piece for our publication? I work for Military Review, the U.S. Army’s professional journal. Thank you for your time and consideration in advance…Maj. Efrem Gibson

  • Tiffany Phillips

    I’m very interested in your articles pertaining to women fighting in combat! They’re very compelling. In fact, your ‘The Problems of Women in Combat – From a Female Combat Vet’ has persuaded me to use the same topic for my English argumentative paper. I would like to personally speak to you regarding that!

  • Ronald

    Jude, you’re bada$$.

  • Barbara Graham Graham


    Your father teaches Constitution and Politics at Hillsdale. You must be very proud. Awesome!

  • Barbara Graham Graham

    And they must be very proud of you too!

  • Robert L. Morel

    Hi Jude,
    This is my first visit to your blog, and I am reminded of a quote which I won’t bother to attribute: “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    God Bless and protect you from your detractors, of which, I am sure, there are many. I just read your article “Women in Combat – The Question of Standards” and I thought it was brilliant.

    Thank you for fighting the fight, both as a US Marine, and as a commentator on this important issue. This sailor salutes you and extends a heartfelt non-USMC “Semper Fi” with respect, Ma’am.

    Because you exemplify it.

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