About Jude

Hillsdale College grad, language enthusiast, cello player since age 9.  Visual thinker and learner type.  Daughter of scholars, a mom from Boston and a dad from Berkeley California who now teaches at Hillsdale.  Both grew up in life-long Democrat families and came to conservatism through hard-earned experience and study.  After Carter it was “Never again!” and I have benefited from their knowledge.  Proud sister of a high-functioning autistic whom I affectionately call “The Walking Encyclopedia.”  I’ve sojourned in far-left and far-right circles, and everything in between.  If I could have one superpower it would be to understand and speak all languages.  I love music, art, gardening, travel and books.  I’ve been a photographer, a black-belt, and a hard-charging Marine.  The Marines thought I was a hippie, the hippies can’t believe I was a Marine.  I survived Iraq and thyroid cancer.  Proud wife of a Brazilian immigrant.  Writing and political engagement is how I continue to fight for my country, and I pull no punches.  Standing against tyranny is what I do.  If we are silent, the Holocaust happens again.

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